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Hi Rise Camera brings you a first-in-class solution for capturing high-angle and aerial video footage. Capture your most exciting events, games and moments in full HD action, with this sleek, lightweight 50-pound endzone camera that takes your video shooting and viewing experience to the next level. Hi Rise Camera is extremely versatile and great for shooting any sporting event. Whether you want to use Hi Rise Camera to record indoor sporting events or as an endzone camera system, we’ve got you covered.

Innovative Design: A sturdy yet light-weight aluminum frame provides overall strength and durability. The high-grade carbon fiber telescoping pole extends up to 21 feet high and fits inside of our custom Easy-Spin pole base. The Easy-Spin base enables you to smoothly and quickly rotate the pole to capture high-angle shots with ease.

Lightweight: The entire Hi Rise Camera unit is approximately 50 lbs., which makes transport and traveling with it a breeze!

Sony CX405 Camera: Capture video in high definition 1920 x1080. This camera also includes image stabilization technology that combats camera shake and fights frame-to-frame jitter.

7-Inch HDMI Monitor: High-resolution LCD panel comes with pro-style lens, pixel magnification and peaking facility, to showcase top-notch HD video footage output from the camera.

Multiple Battery & Charging Options: Charging options include AC outlet with AC/DC adapter with rechargeable batteries. In addition to the manufacturer batteries that are included, we also include a super-charged external battery pack for the camcorder that can power it for hours on end!

Adjustable Tripod: Each tripod leg can be adjusted to different lengths, which is great for suiting different/uneven terrains. You can shoot videos just as easily on the field, court, street, as well as uneven surfaces. The tripod’s extension legs are anodized aluminum to keep corrosion at bay.

Tripod Footing & Anchoring: Hi Rise Camera units include footing and anchoring that provide stability for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Great camera unit! My personal likes: the pole swivel base (better than the unit I used to own) and the battery packs that were included in the kit. Very affordable for my club.

Steve P., Administrator

Thank you so much for creating such an amazing product! I have video footage of my kids that would never have been able to get before. The video quality is HD and amazing. It’s easy to use, high quality, and affordable….what more could you ask for! Keep up the great work.

Melissa C., Parent of Player

Hi Rise Camera enables us to get that top-level view of the game that we need for training and analysis. We have our volunteers use it and they like the fact that it is lightweight, easy to travel with it, and simple to operate. It was a great buy and a great find for us.

Randy S., Coach

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We have a limited budget, so I was ecstatic to see that there was finally a camera system that was affordably priced. To take it a step further, the video quality is great and the entire unit is high quality. We LOVE our Hi Rise Camera!

Steve W., Coach

The product is just what I was hoping it would be and is absolutely perfect for our low budget community college athletics program. I am able to use this camera system to live stream our games online, save it for game film, and then use the film as a way to make recruiting videos for our athletes to get recruited by 4-year schools. I must also mention the fantastic customer service that I have received. For any athletics department without a press box, this camera is a must-buy.

Mark W., Coach

I’m amazed at the quality and portability of this product at this price point. This group is really onto something!!!!!!!

Adam H., Coach