Hi Rise Camera

Thank you for submitting your information. Once the tournament schedule is released, a member from the Hi Rise Camera team will contact you directly about renting a video tower for your game(s).

In the meantime, did you know that you get a FREE VideoChamp Sports system for your entire team when you rent a video tower at the tournament!


When you rent a Hi Rise Camera video tower at the tournament, you get a free VideoChampSports.com team system for 30-days! Use it for your team, club, or an individual player…your choice. VideoChampSports.com is a powerful all-in-one video solution in The Cloud for teams, players, and parents. Players and parents can easily create highlights, make college recruiting videos, and share footage with family & friends instantly. Coaches can quickly edit & tag video, do game analysis, and send video footage & notes to the team for training. From player highlights…..to video editing & tagging, we’ve got it covered! Check out VideoChamp >>

VideoChamp Sports