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3 Qualities to Look for in a Durable Video Camera Tower

Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or part of a team, capturing sporting events’ footage requires more advanced equipment than just a smartphone camera and a phone stand. You’ll need an endzone camera system, sideline camera, or video camera tower to help you film footage at high angles, which offer the best perspectives of a game. However, not just any tower will do; you need to look for something that is sturdy and durable enough to be taken wherever you need it to without being prone to accidental damage.

Finding the right video camera tower to film sporting events can be a long, confusing process, especially if you don’t know what to look for in your purchase. Here are three qualities to prioritize when searching for a video camera tower to make sure it’s durable enough to capture beautiful footage and support your sports video camera for years to come:

Stake Stability

Your tower will be carrying a video camera while you film, which means it needs to be stable and secure enough to do so. Towers like the Hi Rise endzone systems come with tripod-style bases, which are individually adjustable and able to support a telescoping pole that reaches up to 21 feet. They come with a wide enough base to eliminate wobbling.

Straight stakes will get the job done in most cases, but just in case the tower cannot be staked into the ground, you can purchase anchor bags as an option as well. With the right stability mechanisms, you won’t have to worry about shaky footage resulting from uneven ground or wind!

Durable Tower Material

What many people new to sports videography don’t realize is that a tower does not need to be heavy to be durable. While this might have been the case many years ago, advancements in the industry have made it possible for materials to be incredibly strong, yet lightweight. The same can be said for Hi Rise endzone systems, which are created to be easily taken from one location to another.

Sitting at a mere 45 lbs, Hi Rise units are built from aircraft-grade aluminum and backed by a 10-year warranty. These frames can take a beating without you having to worry about the bumps and scratches that come naturally with day-to-day use.

Sturdy Pole Material

The material used to manufacture the poles also play a crucial role in the video camera tower’s overall sturdiness. We use industrial carbon fiber for our tower telescopic poles because it’s industrial in strength, lighter than steel, and comparatively strong as many metals. This enables our towers to stand up to everyday use for years to come, while at the same time making it very easy to move and transport. It also allows better load-bearing with the tower, giving it the support it needs to remain stable.

Some video camera towers are made of aluminum poles, which can also be good quality if done correctly. If low quality budget aluminum is used however, these telescopic poles can dent more easily, warp, and weigh significantly more.


Choosing the right video camera tower involves knowing the right characteristics to look for, primarily ensuring it’s strong and durable enough to support your needs for several years to come without compromising functionality. By looking at the quality of material that goes into the stakes, the tower, and the pole, you’ll be able to purchase a durable video camera tower system that you can use for years!

Hi Rise Camera is the leading supplier of video camera towers, allowing sports teams and enthusiasts to capture high-angle and aerial video footage. Our towers are highly versatile and sturdy, making them excellent for shooting any sporting event. Check out our catalog today to find a durable video camera that will stand the test of time!