Top 3 Ways Players and Parents Benefit from Game Film

If you’re exposed to the world of sports, whether as a parent or an athlete, you’ve likely heard of the term ‘game film’. This essentially pertains to the video footage of the game and the activity of watching that video footage in an individual or team setting. Teams can watch game film during and off the season, with two particular goals in mind: to learn and to prepare. 

With the game film being another term for video footage, it is simply a recording of a game or sports event. It is typically shot at an optimal angle for that sport, which then allows teams to analyze it for strategy, preparation, and practice. 

When game film is watched as a team, coaches will often talk through the video and analysis. They’ll explain how a specific play did work or didn’t work. More often than not, however, they’re used to evaluating the overall team performance and educate individual players on their impact—and how improvement can be made in future practices or games.

The question now stands—how can game film truly benefit coaches, players, and parents alike? We’ve gathered this quick list for you:

Benefit #1: It helps players analyze their competitors 

Thanks to game film, players can easily study their opponents. Done right, it can be incredibly useful when coming up with new strategies. Here, you’ll be able to see how the other team’s players measure up. 

Strengths and weaknesses can also be observed, thereby allowing your team to develop a great game plan and strategy. From there, you can analyze their patterns and create and create a counter to that. 

Benefit #2: It highlights the best and emphasizes the errors

If your team regularly records games, you likely already have the resources to review game film and integrate it into practice/game strategy. The video analysis from game film is beneficial at a team or individual player level. It allows coaches a great opportunity to educate the player on individual scenarios, and the entire team on scenarios that may be position specific. Although various learning styles exist, nothing quite compares to learning by seeing how things are done in video, which is a great benefit to players, coaches, and parents. 

Benefit #3: Recruiting Videos 

A critical step in the athletic college recruiting process is game film. For some sports, having a player highlight video is needed. A highlight video are clips taken from the full game film of good plays that have been made by the player. Other sports would like to see full game film of the player so that they can see all aspects of the player’s game (i.e. not just the great highlight plays). College coaches want to see things such as: how does the player recover when they are beat on the play?, what’s their body language on the field/court?, does the player play with intensity the entire game?, etc. By providing college coaches with game film or highlights, it allows them to evaluate the player’s game and decide if they would like to pursue the player as a recruit.

The Bottom Line

Using game film as a training tool is definitely a must-have these days. Additionally, game film can also be a huge help to players that are pursuing athletic college scholarships as well. When you think about it, it is a true win-win. From training, to practice, to games, to recruiting, it benefits coaches, players, and parents. It’s time to start filming all your games now!

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