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5 Things to Consider When Buying an Endzone Camera System

You could go about finding an endzone camera for your team in two ways. First, you could go for a well-known brand, simply because of the name recall. Conversely, you could become more involved by getting into the specifics of what makes an excellent device. Here are some questions to ask when you’re looking for this type of camera.

What software system does it use?

Endzone cameras do not just record games for replay. They come with a coaching software system that allows trainers to analyse the match and explain why specific plays worked and why others failed. When choosing your camera, consider the coaching software. 

You would want to get something that can sync to a cloud for easy sharing and allows for game analysis. Your software should enable clip tagging, voice-overs, notation, and play highlights, among others.

What are the camera’s specs?

If your team owns a high-speed camera already, you have to ensure that it is compatible with the endzone equipment. If you don’t have a camera, check the specs of the one included in your unit. 

The camera should be able to record at least 720p video, have a seven-inch or larger viewing monitor to review contested plays, and have a 30x zoom lens or better. The system should also be no more than 24 kilograms; anything heavier would be taxing to carry, set up, and dismantle.

How good is this system’s battery life?

When considering battery life, look at both the viewing monitor and the cameras. Consider as well the options you have for charging batteries. Newer endzone cameras have solar battery packs included, which is perfect for when you cannot charge your equipment indoors. 

Look for systems with fast-charge technology as well; sometimes, you barely have breaks in between matches, making fast charging a necessity.

How stable is the tower itself?

No matter how good your camera’s specs are, it won’t matter if you cannot get the camera to the right height during the game. Your video camera tower should be stable; it needs to anchor to the ground securely, so look for a system with pointed end-tips or ones with 

What else does this system offer?

Some endzone camera systems include more than the standard tower, camera, and viewing monitor. When comparing models or systems, check the accessories included in your unit. You might need to purchase other equipment separately, especially if you’re shooting for specialised conditions. 

However, it would be nice to know if you’re getting things like telescoping poles, shields and brackets for your camera and monitor, and carrying bags, among others. Purchasing a system with plenty of accessories means you don’t need to buy anything else, which saves you money in the long run.


Jumping straight in and buying an end zone camera is an unwise choice. There is more to quality than a brand name, so make sure you check the features and accessories of your camera before buying. You don’t want to waste your team’s resources on a camera system you’ll regret buying!

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