Elevated Viewpoints

5 Benefits of Using Elevated Viewpoints for Sports Analysis

Sports analysis is a process of reviewing, editing, and tagging video footage for team and player improvement. More often than not, as part of sports analysis, elevated angles/viewpoints are often used to get a better view of the action and identify patterns and trends. This gives plenty of advantages that other angles don’t offer, and that’s why if you look at sports analysis videos, elevated viewpoints are so commonly used.

That said, if you are wondering what other benefits there are of using elevated viewpoints in sports analysis, here are a couple of them:

1. Improved Visibility

Elevated viewpoints offer many benefits for those looking to improve their visibility of the playing field or court. By being raised above the action, you can see more. You can see more action, playing area, and overall play. This can be extremely helpful for coaches and analysts who are trying to gain every edge possible.

2. Greater Perspective

An elevated angle can provide a greater sense of perspective, allowing you to see the ‘big picture’ and see things such as how the entire play is unfolding and all of the ‘moving pieces’ that are necessary to make a successful play (or break-up a play).  This is different from a ground-level point of view, where coaches can only see what’s happening right in front of them rather than what’s happening in the thick-of-it.

3. Better Understanding of Spatial Relationships

Viewing the field or court from above can help you to better understand the spatial relationships between the teams, players, and area. With such information, coaches can use that information when analyzing the game to better prepare for the next opponent and also use it as training & education for the coaching staff and players. 

4. Tagging

Elevated viewpoints can be used to enhance tactical analysis by providing a bird’s-eye view of the game for tagging. With the various game analysis platforms/software available today, being able to tag your players in plays is a huge benefit. One reason is that at the end of the tagging, all of the plays that the player is a part of appearing in an organized and categorized area. This makes it quick and easy for the coach to show actual plays during film sessions and also for the player to use these clips for college recruiting (if applicable). Coaches can also tag plays as well. For example, coaches can tag all of the shots-on-goal during the game. So instead of rewinding/fast-forwarding during a film sessions with the team, the coach can simply jump to these tagged plays.  

5. Live Analysis

Elevated viewpoints offer a necessary benefit for the coaching staff that live stream the game to the sideline for live analysis. Now, products like Hudl Sideline offer teams of all levels the ability to stream games live to the sideline and coaches can make live in-game adjustments by watching it on the iPad. Using a sports video tower like Hi Rise Camera provides this elevated shot 21 feet over the action, so the video provided to the Hudl Sideline system is at a perfect angle. 

If you want to make more use of your analysis software, an elevated perspective is the way to go. There is a time and place for ground-level perspectives, but for the best sports analysis, a top-down perspective is necessary.

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