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What’s the Best Resolution for Recording Games and Practices?

If you want to record live games with your endzone camera system, then we’re pretty sure video quality matters with you when recording footage. These days, you’ve probably heard of different file formats like 720P, 1080P, or even 4K. This short guide should help you understand the difference between video quality and resolution so you can capture your favorite game moments in crisp and clear video quality.

Image Quality and Image Resolution Explained

Determining the quality of an image or video requires looking at various factors such as exposure, sharpness, colors, noise, etc. But one term almost always pops up, which is resolution. Image resolution basically refers to the size of an image or frame in a video measured in pixels (picture elements). So the “p” in 1080p and 720p actually refers to the number of horizontal or vertical scan lines or “pixels” in a video.

The reason why professional camera operators and videographers prefer to use cameras capable of taking high-resolution images is that they can capture more pixels that store more information. More information means more details in your video, which looks better when watching a playback of it on a TV or monitor.

What’s the Difference Between 720p, 1080p, and 4K Resolutions?

Understanding the different types of resolution is important if you want to capture more details in your video recording. The higher the number means the more pixels it has that can capture information and detail on your footage. In the case of resolutions marked with a “K”, they roughly refer to 4,000 pixels horizontally. Here are the features of each type of resolution so you can better understand the difference between them:

720p Full HD Resolution

This is better known as widescreen high definition and is actually short for 1280px * 720px resolution. It’s the minimal requirement for HD. Anything lower than 720p will have severely noticeable pixilation when recording, especially if you watch it on a bigger screen. 720p is the standard display resolution of most entry-level TVs, cameras, and smartphones, but it’s actually the most basic of all HD formats. 

1080p Full HD Resolution

In the case of 1080p, it has 1,080 rows of pixels horizontally and is considered the industry standard for high-definition screens. The vast majority of media, including TV broadcasts, sideline video cameras, and movies, are actually created and distributed in this resolution. This format is probably what you’ve used to when watching videos on your computer, phone, tablet, and TV in many cases.

4K Ultra HD Resolution

4K is sometimes known as “Ultra HD” or UHD and is what is being marketed today as the best HD format for general consumer consumption. This resolution is defined as four times the resolution of 1920*1080 in terms of the total number of pixels.

Which Resolution is Best When Recording Sports?

The higher the resolution, the better the quality you get, but that also comes with its own challenges. Better quality means you need a powerful camera setup and an even more powerful computer to store and process all that video footage. Depending on how you will use your video or even watch your video, it will help you decide which video option is best for you. If you’re planning to stream your game footage, then 720p and 1080p is a good way to go due to the bandwidth limitations in many areas. If it’s just for watching at home and you have a 4K TV with a strong internet bandwidth, then enjoying the 4K experience could be optimal.

Whatever format you choose depends on what your needs are and your budget. Make sure to select the format you’re comfortable working with and watching.

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