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Can All Sports Benefit From Using An HD End Zone Camera System?

HD end zone camera systems provide a superior viewpoint for recording games and practices, and they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor sports. Game analysis is important for all sports such as football, soccer, basketball, and lacrosse to name a few. The birds-eye view that an HD end zone camera provides allows a coach to train and conduct analysis of a team in real-time. With video footage captured from a 21ft vantage point, you can see plays unfold, giving you the advantage of being able to anticipate and make changes as needed to come out with the “W”.

Although indoor courts have a much smaller size and footprint than a football field, the height of the camera tower is still important. It is generally accepted that the optimal height for indoor and outdoor sports is 21 feet. However, you may want to reduce the height of the camera tower for some indoor sports, so a camera with an adjustable end zone that can extend up to 21 feet will give you more flexibility. Top rated HD end zone camera systems will allow teams to shoot at high altitudes – in fact, most endzone video camera systems start at a minimum height of 13 feet or more. Take the Sky 250ET tower from Hi Rise Camera for example, this end zone video system extends up to 21ft high and is considered the top rated end zone camera system in the market. In addition to the flexibility of the height of the tower (being able to film at various heights up to 21ft), this system offers many features and flexibility. This is what makes it the popular with teams. For example, with their towers you can film standing up or sitting down. This is a key factor when thinking about making the filmer comfortable. Also, there are other things such as providing the option to stake it in the ground or use weight bags to anchor it to the ground.

Many people don’t know this, but the term “end zone camera” refers to the tower being used for football teams because they place the video tower in the end zone to get the long vertical angle of the field (which is their desired angle in most cases). However, other sports use the same video tower and will call it a sideline video tower. This is due to the placement of the video tower. Most sports place the video tower on the sideline (opposed to having an end zone). In turn, they call it a sideline video tower.  For example, sports like basketball move very quickly from one end of the court to the other; soccer moves very quickly from one end of the field to the other. This is why they place the tower on the sideline to provide the angle and positioning that is needed. Whether you call in an end zone camera or sideline video tower, all sports will benefit from using a system like this.