Indoor Video Camera

Can End Zone Systems Be Used for Indoor Sports?

Most people think of endzone camera system being used for outdoor sports. Video towers are a common sight in sports like football and soccer. But, can you use an endzone video camera for indoor sports? The answer to that question is a resounding yes. But shooting video footage of an indoor sport does have its own challenges. Here’s a summary of the benefits and challenges of using an endzone camera for indoor sports.

Why Use an Endzone Video for Indoor Sports

The main benefits that you get from using an endzone camera system for indoor sport is that you get a much better angle to shoot your video from. Whether you are shooting volleyball or soccer, team sports video is always much better when it’s taken from an elevated position. The high-angled view you get from an endzone video tower lets you capture the whole field of play. It allows you to shoot that action on the ball, and off. It allows you to see the positioning of players and how they are anticipating the play.

The Challenges of an Endzone Camera System for Indoor Sports

If you want to shoot video of an indoor sport from a video camera tower, there some issues that you will need to be aware of. These include the fact that lighting is often poor in gyms. And, there is also the problem that gyms are limited in space and sometimes not very accessible. These problems are exacerbated at away fixtures, because of your unfamiliarity with the venue. Here the things that will need to consider when filming indoor sport with an end zone video system.

Set Your Video Camera for Low Light

The light quality in gyms is notoriously poor. You will need to compensate for this by setting your video camera appropriately. That will include using the biggest aperture you can and slowing down your shutter speed. The settings will vary by camera. So, refer to your camera manual to find the best settings for shooting video in poor light.

Prepare for Away Fixtures in Advance

When you are traveling to away fixtures, talk to your opponent’s coach before you turn up with an end zone camera system. Make sure there is enough room for you to erect a camera tower, and make sure that the venue is happy for you to set one up. You will also need to arrive at away venues early, because you will need time to set up, and time to deal with any unexpected difficulties.

Can All End Zone Systems Be Used for Indoor Sports?

An end zone camera system can be a big advantage when filming indoor sports, but not all end zone video systems are suitable for use indoors. Your camera tower will need to be lightweight and easily transportable. You might need to carry the system some distance and may need to squeeze it through some tight spaces. You will also need a way of tethering the tower on a hard gym floor. So, spikes are obviously not going to work. If you can get over these hurdles, though, an endzone camera system will provide you with outstanding indoor sports footage.