5 Concerns With Buying A Wireless Endzone Camera System

As technology continues to evolve, more teams are turning to endzone camera systems for their sports broadcasting needs. To take it a step further, some teams are turning to wireless endzone camera systems. While these wireless systems can offer some conveniences, there are a few key concerns to consider when deciding to purchase.

Today, we’ll take a look at a couple of the most important concerns to be aware of when considering a wireless endzone camera system:

1. Interference

Wireless endzone cameras can be more susceptible to interference than wired endzone camera systems. This can be a particular issue if the camera is located near other wireless devices like cell towers, routers, or other cameras. To ensure a reliable signal, it’s important to check for any potential sources of interference and take steps to minimize it.

2. Control

Using electronic camera control can be convenient, but it may not be as precise as a wired remote control to the video camera. When you press a command on the screen, it can take a short moment for the camera receive the signal to operate the camera. Additionally, touch screens may not always be as accurate as you would like, particularly if your fingers are wet or wearing gloves. Manual controls provide you with full control of an endzone camera when the button is pushed.

3. Signal Strength

The signal strength of a wireless endzone camera is determined by the distance between the camera and the receiver. As such, it’s important to ensure the camera is placed within range of the receiver to avoid any signal disruptions.

4. Cost

While wireless endzone cameras can offer great convenience, they can also come with a hefty price tag. Be sure to consider any additional costs like installation, annual maintenance, and subscription fees when making your decision.

5. Durability

Moving a wireless endzone camera from one place to another can be tricky. It’s important to ensure the multiple screens and electronic components are handled with care to avoid damage. While a wired video camera tower or endzone camera also has electronic components, in most cases they include much less electronic components compared to a wireless system. 

Overall, endzone camera systems that are wired have been proven as the most popular and reliable type of endzone camera system in the market. Regardless of sport, wired hd endzone camera systems are the tower of choice of teams around the globe. Looking for an endzone camera system that will take your video to the next level? Hi Rise Camera offers incredible endzone camera and sideline video tower solutions for capturing high-angle and aerial video footage. If you are interested in an endzone camera system, check us out today!