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Do Indoor Sports Benefit from Using a Video Camera Tower?

Video camera towers provide a superior viewpoint for recording games and practices, and they are equally beneficial for both indoor sports as well as outdoor sports. The importance of analyzing play for coaching purposes is as important in games like volleyball or basketball as it is games in like soccer and football.

While many suppliers of end zone camera systems, such as Hi pod and Hi Rise Camera, do suggest that their endzone cameras can be used for indoor sports, there are some important design factors that need to be considered when you are looking for a video camera tower to use to film sports like basketball, volleyball and indoor soccer.


Even though an indoor court is much smaller than something like a football field, the height of a video camera tower is still important. It is generally accepted that the best height for both indoor and outdoor sports is 18-20 feet. You might, however, want to lower the height of a camera tower for some indoor sports, so an adjustable end zone camera that can extend up to 20 feet would give you greater flexibility.


If you are going to be using a video camera tower to film indoor sports, portability becomes an even bigger issue than it perhaps it is for outdoor sports, because space may be limited in an indoor court and access to the court may not be easy. For that reason, it is important that you look at the total weight of the video tower equipment and at how well it packs away for transporting. The Hi Rise Camera system, for example, weighs only 50 lbs and packs away into an easy-to-carry carrying case.

Ease of Use

When you are considering endzone cameras like Hi pod and Hi Rise Camera for use indoors, you will also need to think about how easy the system will be to use. Games like basketball move very swiftly from one end of the court to the other. With indoor sports, you will also be much closer to the players than you would be in a game like football. To be able to keep up with the action in an indoor sport, an end zone camera will need to be easy to use so that you can very quickly change the camera angle to follow the play. The best solution to this is a simple, easy to spin base on the video camera tower.

Footing and Anchoring

Many endzone cameras were originally designed for football, so the anchoring of the camera tower is more suited to outdoor use. When you are filming indoor sports, the tower still needs to be stable and safe, but you won’t be able to anchor it into the ground in the same way that you could on a grass pitch. It is important, then, that before you buy an endzone camera for filming indoor sports, you make sure that the system comes with anchoring and footing for both put outdoor and indoor use.

When used with video coaching software like VideoChamp Sports and Hudl, and endzone video camera tower system will provide the elevated camera angle that allows you to take the type of video footage that maximizes the coaching benefits of the coaching software. The advantage that endzone camera systems can give a team is as significant for indoor sports as it is outdoor sports, but you do need to consider the suitability of a camera tower for indoor use before you make your purchase.