Youth Sports

Does Playing Youth Sports Prepare Kids for Life?

Many parents are aware of the benefits that their children playing sports can bring in terms of physical fitness and social interaction, but what you may not have realized is that playing team sports at a young age can help prepare a child for adulthood too.

In fact, being involved in a team, learning from studying video footage of themselves taking from elevated sideline camera systems like the Hi Rise Camera endzone camera system, and applying the self-discipline that is required in sports, can all go a long way to helping kids prepare for life.

Turns a healthy lifestyle into a lifelong habit
According to some sources, more than 30% of all American children are overweight, which is a worrying statistic for most parents. Playing a team sport at a young age will help keep a chid fit and encourage the child to eat healthily too. That will not only help stop a young athlete becoming overweight in childhood, it will also develop a healthy living habit that will last for a lifetime.

Teaches teamwork and leadership
Sports are an excellent way to teach a child the importance of teamwork and it can also provide some early lessons on effective leadership. Most teams now use video technology and video coaching systems, such as the Hi Rise Camera system and VideoChamp sports coaching software, which allow a coach to play back and analyze video footage of a team’s performance. This type of video playback is an ideal way to visually demonstrate to a young athlete how important leadership and teamwork is.

Instills discipline and trust
Not all kids take too well to discipline in the classroom, but sports can soon teach them that listening to authority figures, such as team coaches, is not simply about having to do what you are told, it can bring rewards in terms of better performance on the field of play. One of the big advantages that modern sports video technology like Hi Rise Camera has is that allows coaches to demonstrate to a young athlete how listening to advice has helped their game improve, and that can help instill trust and respect in the authority figure of the coach.

Improve self-esteem
Elevated sideline cameras and other video coaching technology like VideoChamp Sports are not only used to show a young athlete what aspects of their game they need to improve on, they are used to show how well an athlete has progressed too. Playing youth sports can help kids to improve their self-esteem by showing them what they are good at, and that can give them the confidence to try harder in all aspects of their education.

Teaches kids to say no
The availability of drugs and alcohol is a concern for many parents, but this is another area where children can learn good habits from participating in team sports. The peer pressure that kids will get from a sports team will be to say no to things like drugs, alcohol and smoking, which can only be a good thing to learn when you are young.

Playing youth sports, at all levels, can teach kids some important lessons that will stay with them throughout their adult lives. It teaches them discipline and it shows them that if they set goals for themselves, they can achieve them. The other great thing about sports is that kids can learn all these important life lessons, and more, all while they are having fun and keeping fit.