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Durability in Endzone Cameras: Why Is It Important?

When it comes to game film, there are many things you need to consider. For example, ensuring you can film during inclement weather, filming from the right location, ensuring batteries are charged….and with that, you need to ensure you’re using the best equipment, right?

As mentioned previously, dealing with inclement and nasty weather can be quite challenging; we recommend using an endzone camera system that will provide you with the HD video footage you need while still being user friendly, stable, and durable.

Today, we’ll be focusing on the durability of an endzone camera system and why it’s an important factor. Let’s take a look!

When it comes to durability, many endzone camera systems are made with aluminum, but the real question is: are these endzone cameras and sports video towers built to last? 

As such, you need to ensure that you’re investing in a quality brand that will provide you with a warranty that reflects the quality they promote. For example, Hi Rise Camera includes a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on the Sky 250 series towers, which is top in the industry. You want to ensure that the company stands behind their products.

The tripod supports the entire endzone camera system structure, so it is important that you have a strong base. A key part of this are the legs. You’ll find that the legs are usually made of aluminum or steel, which allows them to be sturdy, strong, and durable. The downside of using steel is rusting and also the material weight. Having a portable endzone camera, means that it is lightweight while also being very well made with high quality parts. 

When you’re looking at the construction of these legs, you’ll want to ensure that there are adequate anchoring options. Some endzone camera systems only provide anchor/sandbags, which can be problematic if you want to stake your system into the ground. With endzone camera systems like Hi Rise Camera, you have the option to stake your tower directly into the ground and/or use anchor/sand bags to provide stability on other surfaces. 

Another key consideration when it comes to endzone cameras are the waterproof elements, which are important for the overall durability of the endzone camera.

Many endzone cameras have a waterproof casing that prevents the camera from being affected by rain, snow, sleet, and other nasty weather conditions. In short, you want to ensure that your electronic devices (including ports) are covered. Hi Rise Camera offers Electronics Rain Gear to cover the camera shield, batteries, viewing monitor, remote control, and ports. 

If you find yourself in need of an endzone camera, make sure to research the durability and protection of the tower and individual components.  Here at Hi Rise Camera, we offer a first-in-class solution for endzone camera systems and sideline video towers. Learn more about our Hi Rise endzone cameras and how we can help you today!