soccer teams playing a match

4 Endzone and Sideline Film Tips to Improve Your Team

When playing sports, the struggle of trying to formulate new strategies to help your team overcome the competition is a challenge many of us sports lovers have to overcome. With football, some of this struggle can be attributed to the fact that many sideline and endzone films aren’t properly used to their fullest extent, leaving you with more to be desired. However, this might not be a problem you realize you are dealing with, especially if you are simply using the films to see if a play was successful or not. 

That being said, are you interested in getting more value out of your sideline and endzone film? If so, here are some tips you can follow:

1. Understand the Game Time Situation

The first thing you must do is identify the game time scenario. What time in the game was the play run?  Was the play targeting a specific player? In short, try and understand why they picked a specific play. Regardless, by identifying patterns and why they chose the play, you can quickly understand the opponent’s game plan and how you can implement your counter-strategy. 

2. Pay Attention to Key Players

In all sports, key players are critical and have the biggest effect on the outcome of the play. We call them “play makers”.  Identifying “play makers” before the game and just as important, having players on scout team mimic these key player attributes, is critical to the overall team success.  When analyzing game film, it’s important to look at the overall team performance as well as individual player performance.  

3. Recruiting and Scouting

Providing players and parents video from your sideline video camera or endzone camera system is very important for pursuing a collegiate athletic scholarship. Game film is necessary for creating highlight clips and recruiting videos. Having a recruiting video allows players to initiate the recruiting process with college scouts. 

4. Analyze One Player’s Position at a Time

Apart from looking at the overall team play, breaking down film by player position is equally important. It will take a bit more time, but by gathering details of individual player performance and overall team performance, you can tag team and individual player plays to create an in-depth game strategy.  

Position your team for success by pairing your efforts with on-field technology such as an end zone camera system. Having your own systems set up, enables you to record games, practices, and trainings from the angle you want.  

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