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How Important Is The Video Angle In A Recruiting Video?

When pursuing an athletic scholarship, marketing yourself is the only way to go after your dream. Be it a baseball team, football team or any other sport, your recruiting video plays a key part in your success.

For some sports, having a highlight video and full game film are important. In a highlight video your skill clips should be as brief as possible because many coaches don’t always have the time to evaluate clips for all prospects.

For your full length game film, remember to choose your best game and show your play ‘on’ and ‘away’ from the ball. Coaches want to see how you react when you are in the play and away from the play as well. Also, seeing a play develop is just as important as well.

Besides having a clean shot even from the best video camera, video angle is another important factor. Hence, a high-quality end zone camera system (or video camera tower) such as the Hi Rise Camera or Hi pod camera provides you video from an elevated vantage point that is perfect for a recruiting video.

Ideally, for outdoor sports where a wide view of the entire field is needed an end zone camera type of set up is a definite must. Hi Rise Camera is a highly rated option that many teams and individuals use. Hi pod is another brand of end zone camera systems that some are familiar with as well.

Video angle in any recruiting video is one factor that is very important. Getting that perfect elevated shot from the top rated Hi Rise Camera is well worth the investment.