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Increase Fan Engagement Through Social Media

It’s important to put quality before quantity to succeed on social media. You don’t have to worry about having millions of followers. Over time, Your community and fan base will grow and accumulate organically if its done correctly. However, your brand’s most loyal fans should be your focus.

Having a consistent strategy is critical to social media success and fan engagement. Below are a few pointers on engaging fans via social media.

Social media engagement isn’t just a numbers game. It’s important to remember that you’re dealing with people and real feelings. Consider using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to answer fan questions and also provide regular new content. For example, maybe someone has questions about directions to the game. This is a great place to answer that question because others may want to ask the same thing but may be too shy. By encouraging fans and supporters to go to your social media page for questions, you are creating regular behavior for them to continually come back to this platform for answers.

Learn & Showcase

The people that support your team can also help you achieve your social media goals. These fans and supporters deserve to be recognized. You can’t do that unless you know who they are. To better understand your fans, you should do things to engage them. For example, you can run various contests on your page. Another great option is to launch surveys to gain better insight on likes, dislikes, areas of interest, and much more.  Once you begin to receive feedback you can then begin to communicate with your fans more effectively, and showcase team information (and other information) your audience is more interested in.

Make Visually Appealing and Memorable Content

People enjoy video and imagery. Imagine showcasing high angle video footage that 20+ feet high above the field or court. Using the video footage from your endzone camera system can be a great benefit if you have a system.

One of the key benefits of using social media is the ability for people to easily share information, video, and content. If your social media strategy has a strong emphasis on video and imagery, your followers will be happier. They’ll be even more upbeat if their friends see the posts and get in on the discussion.

Create High-Quality and Relevant Content Regularly

You must create relevant content regularly for your audience. Most of the content you find on social media is related to products, services, and topics. If you want your content to be engaging, it has to address your followers’ needs and be posted on a regular basis. One of the worst things you can do is post content infrequently. This causes confusion and inconsistently with your audience.

The tips mentioned above can get you started on creating a strong plan to engage fans on social media. Before you put it into effect, though, you have to remember that you have to be consistent. Using an HD endzone camera system can help you get great video angles and footage to use on your social media pages.  Great video angles, quality, and provides a completely different perspective that fans usually can’t see at the game! Check out the HD endzone camera systems here at Hi Rise Camera. We provide industry-leading technologies for collecting high-angle and aerial video footage. Check us out today!