Livestream Your Sporting Event on Your YouTube Channel

Livestreaming is changing the way sports are covered, allowing games and sporting events to be seen by more people, regardless of their location or the team’s seating capacity. Livestreaming can also be an effective fundraising method for schools, allowing them to generate revenue from sponsored ads during sports broadcasts. Coaches can also use live streaming to get game footage and send it to college scouts for their players. In addition, live streaming has opened up opportunities for amateur athletes and high school teams, letting them show off their skills to a larger audience than previously possible.

Here’s how you can get started live streaming your sporting event with an endzone camera. Try these tips when streaming your event on YouTube.

Livestream Your Sporting Event on Your YouTube Channel

1 – Camera Set Up

Begin by setting up your endzone camera system. Then, determine how you want to connect the video camera to the streaming device/encoder to transmit the video. For example, do you want to user the HDMI Im/Out ports on the back of your viewing monitor to pass-through the video signal? Or, do you prefer to plug the video camera hdmi cable direclty into your encoder and use that as the pass-through for the video signal directly into the viewing monitor. 

2 – Mobile Hot Spot & Battery

When livestreaming, you will need a strong connection to the internet. If you are using a mobile hotspot or WiFi, make sure you have a consistent internet connection. If you don’t have access to the WiFi network at your facility, then using a mobile hotspot is the next best option. Based on user reviews, the mobile hotspot from Verizon is very highly rated. For the encoder, you can use a wireless encoder or laptop (as the encoder), make sure you have enough battery power to keep your connection. 

3 – Setting Up Your YouTube Channel

If you already have a YouTube channel, spend some time getting it prepared for streaming your sporting event live on YouTube. This means providing information about your sporting event and you can even schedule your event on your page for your viewers. YouTube provides easy-to-follow instructions for the set up and integration to their platform. 

Why End Zone Camera Towers Are a Must-Have

End zone camera towers are a must-have for live streaming a sporting event on your YouTube channel. For one, they keep you from having to climb the bleachers or run across the field to get that great high angle footage. 

Good end zone camera towers are livestreaming capable, which allow you to connect your encoding device and YouTube channel and broadcast video directly from your endzone camera system. 

If you are looking for reliable and durable end zone camera towers, check out Hi Rise Camera! We offer a first-in-class solution for capturing high-angle and aerial video footage. It’s extremely versatile and great for shooting any sporting event.