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Sky 250 Upgrade Kit




Product Description

The Sky 250 Upgrade Kit is only for existing customers that currently have a Sky 200GC or Sky 200NE model Hi Rise tower. This kit will upgrade your current Hi Rise tower to our new Sky 250 model series.

IMPORTANT: As part of this Upgrade Kit, you will need to send in your current Camera Housing & Shield for it to be upgraded and retrofitted. All other parts in this Upgrade Kit are provided. Your existing Camera Housing & Shield is the only part you must send in to get retrofitted.

  • Sky 250 Upgrade Kit Includes:
  • NEW – Sky 250 Electronic Cable Assembly (with Cable Chamber)
  • NEW – Viewing Monitor Bracket
  • NEW – Monitor Tilt Mount
  • RETROFIT UPGRADE – Sky 250 Camera Housing & Shield
  • Count: (1) Electronic Cable Assembly; (1) Cable Chamber (1) Viewing Monitor Bracket; (1) Monitor Tilt Mount; (1) Retrofit Upgrade – Camera Housing & Shield

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 10 in


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Sky 250 Upgrade Kit”

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