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Product Description

This Sky 250NE tower does not include any electronic or battery components. It includes all of the same tower structural components as the Sky 250ET tower. Your Sky 250NE tower includes:

  • Custom Tripod
  • Telescoping Pole
  • Easy-Spin Base
  • Video Camera Housing & Shield
  • Viewing Monitor Bracket
  • Monitor Tilt Mount
  • Tilt Control Handle Bracket & Cables
  • (3) 10” Straight Stakes
  • (3) Anchor/Sand Bags
  • Tower Carrying Bag
  • Back Pack

Product Details

Custom Tripod: Each tripod leg can be adjusted to different lengths, which is great for suiting different/uneven terrains. You can shoot videos just as easily on the field, court, street, as well as uneven surfaces. The tripod’s extension legs are anodized aluminum to keep corrosion at bay. Carbon Fiber Telescoping Pole: Built with industrial high grade carbon fiber, this telescoping pole extends up to 21 feet! The pole is divided into four easily adjustable sections and simply clamp lock into place.
Easy-Spin Base: This aluminum and rubberized Easy-Spin base enables you to smoothly and quickly rotate the telescoping pole to capture high-angle shots with ease. The rubberized bottom offers great traction for indoor and outdoor terrains. Video Camera Housing & Shield: This assembly provides a secure location at the top of the telescoping pole for the video camera and also plays a key role in the tilt control functionality of the unit.
Handle Bracket: The handle bracket provides a comfortable easy-grip handle for users to effortlessly rotate the camera back and forth. It also plays a key role in controlling the camera tilt functionality. Viewing Monitor Bracket: A sturdy yet light-weight aluminum bracket provides overall strength and durability to support your viewing monitor.
Tilt Control Cables: These tilt control cables connect the handle bracket to the video camera housing & shield. These cables enable the user to control the pan/tilt of the camera from down below. Straight Stakes: These ground anchor stakes include cold rolled steel construction for durability and strength.  Additionally, the bottom pointed end-tip makes for easier installation in compact and firm soils.
Carrying Bag (soft): This durable and water resistant carrying bag includes a 5,370 inch cubic capacity (88 liters). In addition to being strong and spacious, it is also Airline/Check-In compliant. Please note: Hard Carrying Case is not included with the Hi Rise Camera unit. The Hard Carrying Case can be purchased separately in the Optional Accessories section of the website. Back Pack: This durable and high quality back pack includes contoured shoulder straps, chest strap, and overall backpack design that provides the ultimate comfortable fit. Internal padding surrounds your equipment to provide additional protection.

Additional information

Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 120 × 15 × 15 in

21 reviews for Sky 250NE

  1. Chris

    The tower is what we needed and has worked out good.

  2. chris

    This thing is well made and you can tell it will last for many years. Our rep has answered all of our questions and very helpful

  3. chris

    I must say that I thought this came with a video camera. So imagine my surprise when it arrived. Looked at the description and found out I had a bad assumption that the camera was included. However, you should make this clearer and ensure customers know this information. After purchasing the parts I needed, we were good to go. The system was exactly is what we needed. I give it 3 stars for now. Once you update the description to show people in a prominent way that the video camera is not included, I will add another star.

  4. User

    We bought ours from a different website it was being sold on. It works good. Had a few questions when we first got it so called in and spoke with a rep. They were friendly and helpful.

  5. User

    The thing would be better if the orange roof was taller to accommodate larger cameras.

  6. chris mills

    Fit the need for us. Changed from a different tower we had. It was straightforward to set it up.

  7. chris mills

    Customer service was good. All good so far. The only thing I will say is that it I wish shipping was cheaper.

  8. cw

    setting up the system was easier than i had anticipated. I like the way it packs up and how you can travel with it. We were able to pack it in our car which and go which is a big deal for us since we don’t have a truck. all around good product.

  9. cw

    Liked everything except the orange control cables.

  10. CW

    I’m a high school football coach and was looking to upgrade our current end zone camera that was in bad shape. Came across this tower and made the investment. Very satisfied with the quality of everything. Worth the investment.

  11. CW

    Everything arrived on time and just as easy as they said it would be. It is very well built and a quality system. I am pleased with this purchase for our team. Might get the electronics package to go with it very soon. Recommend

  12. CW

    If the backpack was bigger you could fit more items in there and minimize how much you have to carry….since you are carrying a video tower too! That would make things much easier.

  13. CW

    Like the quality of the parts. I have been using it for a few years now and no issues.

  14. CW

    Fit our camera perfectly. Works well. Try including some extra stakes in case some volunteers loose them would be a big plus for your customers.

  15. CW

    Pole and tripod work very well. If you are travelling on a plane, spring for the hard case.

  16. CW

    Customer service is top notch. I called in looking for help about streaming and the rep was very knowledgeable and friendly. product is good too.

  17. CW

    This is just what we were needing. Gave it 4 stars because I really wish you would include the elecronic cables with this model. We got what we needed but it would have made things so much easier as a plug and play. Really good quality system.

  18. CW

    nice product. it has worked out great for our team. we take it to every tournament and use it for practices. so far so good

  19. CW

    I wish the sand bags were bigger.

  20. CW

    Used it to replace our hipod and it works great. good instructions and easy to set up.

  21. Chris Gluse

    Easy to use. Good for travelling.

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