The Best Sports Camera Positions For Every Game

Fans appreciate being able to see their favorite teams play even if they are unable to attend! That said, fans want to see the game with great video quality and angles. Excessive distance from the action, failure to track the ball, or proximity to the action may irritate spectators and turn them off from future feeds.

For example, The NFL has established a set of guidelines to ensure that all games can be broadcast to the standard of excellence fans have come to expect. All broadcasts are subject to approval by the League on a case-by-case basis. The best way to avoid missing the action is to ensure that the camera operator has an understanding of the rules of the game. 

Read on to learn more about the best sports camera positions for every game!

The Optimal Camera Angle for Every Sport

Most sports have a preferred optimal camera angle to make provide the video. It is very important to mention that there are other factors that play a key role here. For example, what is the video being used for (coaching analysis, live streaming for fans, player highlights, etc). Depending on the use-case, the angle and location of the sports video camera may change. Below are few suggestions to consider when setting up your sports video camera.

Football Camera Positions

Setting your tower in the end zone is the most popular locations for teams. Commonly referred to as an end zone camera system, provides coaches and teams with a phenomenal view and angle. Another popular location to film from is the press box. When filming from this location, most teams tend to keep their camera wide for the majority of plays to maximize field coverage.

Basketball Camera Positions

Basketball is a popular sport to watch online. Basketball filming necessitates a steady pan that is neither too fast nor too slow. The most popular location for video camera placement really depends on the type of set up you have. For example, if you have a standard tripod with video camera, most people film from the top of the stands at the mid-court location. On the other hand, if you have a sports video tower like Hi Rise Camera, you have many options on the filming location because of the elevated viewpoint. In the case of sports video towers, many people place them behind the stands or even set back at a corner of the court. 

Baseball Camera Positions

When shooting a baseball game, historically video was only taken from behind the catcher. However, now popular positions for filming also include the 1st base line, 3rd base line, and beyond center field. It is worth mentioning, that when you want to have options to film from these various locations, you will need an elevated filming tower to get you the high angle shots, such as a Hi Rise Camera.

Volleyball Camera Positions

Volleyball, similar to basketball, usually films from the same locations for the most part (since both sports are played in the gym). However, for club volleyball, the filming location is different. This is because most club volleyball tournaments are held at locations that don’t have bleachers/stands. In turn, the game is filmed from the floor level. Due to the space restrictions at most tournaments, the most popular location to film is from one end of the court behind the team so they can see they formation and game from the back/front.  

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