Endzone Camera

The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make When Recording Games

An end zone camera provides a viewpoint that is much more effective than what an individual gets when filming on the ground with a standard tripod. Great quality endzone cameras are not as expensive as you may think. As watch various teams gamefilm, you will find that almost each of them make use of end zone camera systems to organize or plan their strategies.

Angle and viewpoint is everything. Endzone cameras such as Hipod and Hi Rise Camera are a good example. Having a Hi Rise Camera makes filming a breeze, especially at that affordable price point.

In terms of equipment:
End zone camera is preferred by videographers because of the reliability it has to offer. But of course in order to ensure that the end zone camera is working perfectly, you need to make sure that the parts used in it are reliable.

People often are ignorant about the parts of the end zone camera system considering its popularity. But you must remember even a slight failure in the camera equipment is going to make the camera unstable and cause trouble in getting the right footage. Moreover, while you are recording games, you cannot afford to have a camera that often showcases failure and creates a problem for you.

Endzone camera is often purchased by teams to benefit them in their game, team planning their attacks and defence and for individuals to improve their techniques on field. It is a big investment considering the advantages it gives to the team.
Of course you don’t want the equipment to keep it idle during a match. Thus, it becomes important that you choose the end zone camera system that is built with the best quality parts. Buying a camera with high quality parts and using it to its maximum is the taking the benefit of the investment that has been made on it.

Teams depend on the end zone camera system to get high quality video, which can help them with their training purposes.
An endzone camera consists of several parts; the video camera tower is an important part of it. In case you buy a camera tower that is built with low quality parts, the camera will experience a lot of movement which will affect the video footage.

A few helpful tips:
1. Become acquainted with the sport. You will only be able to take great shots when you have proper knowledge about the sport. It will enable you to anticipate action, movements of key players, which all benefit you with capturing the action with your endzone camera.

2. Make sure you have extra batteries with you while shooting. When filming with your endzone camera, make sure to understand how much battery power is available at the start of the game and at half-time. For example, the video camera battery life for Hi Rise Camera towers is approximately 14 hours when fully charged. The battery life for Hi pod is approximately 7 hours.

3. Practice is one of the most important things to consider, as this will improve your filming skills. If you are able to film a practice to get the feel of the sideline camera tower, that is always best. However, with an easy to use end zone camera system, like Hi Rise Camara, you can pick it up and start filming pretty immediately.

Whether you are using your endzone camera, as a: sideline camera, video camera tower, or a complete endzone camera system linked to the press box, we hope these hints and information were helpful.