Tent cover for the rains

Tips for Shooting in Cold Weather

Winter is here, and shooting games are becoming more challenging. Without the proper techniques, the shots you take be negatively impacted.

A sturdy video camera tower is, of course, an essential, but apart from getting yourself a Hi Rise Camera, here are other tips for shooting with your football end zone camera during the colder seasons:

Prevent ‘Cold Soaking’

One of the effects of cold weather is that it causes the air pressure to fall. This effect increases with altitude. If your camera is cold soaked (like when left sitting outside in the cold for a long time), you may need to adjust your lens a bit when you bring them inside. That is, you’re going to have to set the zoom lower than usual to compensate for the air pressure being lower than normal.

Make Sure You Have Extra Batteries

When the winter comes and it’s freezing outside, it means you’ll drain your batteries faster than usual. Make sure you have enough to last through the game and get some spares as well.

Use Snug Hand Warmers

If you want to take video in the cold, your hands are going to need some extra love. Consider getting some hand warmers to keep your hands from getting cold and losing feeling in them. Also, hand warmers are a cheap alternative to buying bigger and more expensive battery packs. These little warmers are great because they can serve two purposes: #1: Keep your hands warm #2: Maximize your battery life of batteries that you store there. This is because as your lithium batteries are exposed to freezing weather, they may lose as much as 70% of there power. But don’t worry, as the batteries are warmed up a bit, they regain that lost power. That’s the benefit of using the hand warmers!

Use Electronics Rain Gear

Protecting your investment of your equipment is very important. Cold weather means that precipitation can start at any moment. Before any precipitation begins, ensure that electronic devices are covered. If you have an endzone camera system like Hi Rise Camera, there is electronics rain gear that is available to cover your video camera shield, viewing monitor, and remote control devices. These are the electronic items that must be protected during freezing and inclement wather.

You Can Still Shoot During Winter with the Right Strategies

Even if it snowing or freezing temperatures, you can still capture that great game film if you know the do’s and dont’s. All you need to do is prepare yourself with the right gear, your end zone camera system, and techniques to ensure you’re in position to get those great shots. 

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