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Using Your Football Endzone Camera as a Sideline Camera System

Many sporting event enthusiasts use video cameras and special tripods to help them capture high-angle, aerial footage of games, ensuring they record every exciting moment. Although most sports video towers are marketed as endzone cameras, parents and volunteers can use them as sideline cameras as well.

However, not all sports video towers can be used as sideline cameras—you’ll need the right system, like a Hi Rise Camera, which can easily double as a football endzone camera system and a sideline camera. That way, you can record a range of sports, like soccer and lacrosse.

Why Hi Rise Endzone Cameras Make Great Sideline Cameras

Hi Rise Camera systems—unlike many other endzone camera systems—can be used for both endzone and sideline applications, allowing it to keep up with the fast action found in full-field sports. While other towers are available, they often have a motorized camera head that simply can’t move fast enough to record all the action. 

The quick-moving feature is essential, specifically for schools, which often have limited budgets. Using a football endzone camera as a sideline camera allows them to share the tower with other sports teams, enabling them to split the cost, making it more affordable. It also allows teams to select the video angle they prefer for practices, scrimmages, or games. They can even change the tower’s placement during the match, providing even more flexibility.

As COVID-19 continues to ravage the world, many people are still staying home, which means that many organizations—like schools and clubs—have live-streamed games instead of inviting people to attend. By using an endzone camera that can double as a sideline camera, viewers can enjoy many different game angles, quenching their thirst for adrenaline-pumping matches. Video camera operators can also offer a sideline view for live-streaming to allow viewers to feel like they’re watching in the stands.

Using an Endzone Camera System for All Sports

Endzone camera systems are popular among parents and sports teams because it provides the best view for recording games. It can even be used for all kinds of indoor and outdoor sports, making it a fantastic investment. Apart from live-streaming games, it offers coaches and players a chance to analyze the team’s performance through recorded footage, identifying weaknesses and strong points. Game analysis is crucial to all kinds of sports, and the bird’s eye view that endzone cameras provide makes it even easier to teach and train players.

Many people use standard tripods to record games, although they provide footage taken only at the ground level, limiting the viewers’ visual scope. Since the camera’s height offers more breadth, endzone camera systems are the better pick. They provide higher angle vantage points, making it the perfect setup for recording indoor and outdoor sports, which typically have different camera needs because of the sizes of the courts and fields they use. Using an endzone camera, teams can capture video from the right height, allowing them to use the footage for training, education, analysis, and putting together a reel of player highlights for college recruiting. 


Having an endzone camera system like a Hi Rise Camera offers the best of both worlds since people can also use it as a sideline camera. With so many functionalities combined into one of the best endzone camera systems in the country, you’ll get even more bang for your buck in this investment!

Hi Rise Camera offers a world-class solution for capturing high-angle and aerial video footage through our endzone camera systems. Our products are versatile and excellent for capturing every thrilling moment in sporting events. Contact us today to find the perfect video tower for you!