6 Ways Technology Impacted The Football We Know And Love

There are pros and cons to everything, and the same can be said about technology in football. Some may argue that technology has made it easier to analyze game film and create strategies that are effective, while others may say that technology has made games more complex.

Today, let’s talk about the ways technology has impacted football:

1. Live Replay

One of the most instrumental ways technology has impacted football is by allowing teams to replay live action on the sidelines, and even ‘challenge’ calls. The NFL was one of the first to introduce instant replay in 1986 and several other leagues have followed suit, such as the NBA and MLB to name a few. By having multiple angles available, it live replay has become one of the most powerful tools in sports today. For example, you can get a sideline angle, above field angle, or even an end zone camera angle.

2. Sports Analysis

From the youth to pro levels, football is more competitive than it has ever been. Many attribute this to more sophisticated training and technology. With technology such as end zone camera systems providing an amazing viewpoint, the analysis of plays and performances has become a game-changer for the sport. This has deepened analyses of the game, bringing a level of science to football that has been unheard of in previous years.

3. Helmet Cameras

These cameras have been used since 2002 in several sports, but they were most prevalent in football. These cameras provide fans with a unique perspective of the game, but they also allow players to review a non-traditional angle of game film.

4. Player Tracking

Player tracking software is used in pro leagues and now even youth leagues of many sports. A key benefit of this software is that it provides a 360​-degree view of the game and allows coaches to monitor the action & full performance of players. It can measure distance, acceleration, velocity, and much more.

5. GPS

As a subset of player tracking noted above, GPS devices can be used to monitor players’ positioning, track their speed, acceleration, and team performance in various scenarios. With this type of software, it allows coaches to focus on both team performance and individual player performance.

6. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality software is used to help players prepare. Players can prepare for practice, trainings, games and more. Now players can go through ‘real’ situations they may face in a game to be prepared should that situation arise during practices or games. It can also help players visualize the game and see things from a different level.

Technology has helped football, but it’s also changed the way the game is played. It is now an important part of football and all other sports. Hi Rise Camera offers video technology that is a first-in-class solution for capturing aerial and high-angle footage for all sports. Check out our end zone camera systems, and see how we can partner with your team today!