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What Should I Look For When Shopping For A High Quality HD Endzone Camera?

From the outside looking in, the game of football may seem rough, fast, and high impact. To those who live and breathe the sport, however, there is a lot more science to this high-action hard hitting sport than meets the eye. 

Not many people understand the calculated decision-making that goes into flawlessly executed plays. It takes a special kind of video to capture every single detail of the game, and this is where a football endzone camera system comes into the picture. 

In a game where one perfect throw can take a team to victory, every move by the players is something to be studied. The only way to comprehensively analyze a play is to have a fantastic endzone camera to capture the game in its entirety.  Here’s how to shop for the right endzone camera system for your football games:

Find the Right Camera Brand

The type of camera present on an endzone system will play a significant role in the quality of the final video captured. Most towers include a video camera, but if you’re looking to build around a camera you already have, it’s a good idea to check compatibility beforehand. If you’re starting from scratch and want an all-in-one package, however, we’ve got the solution. Hi Rise Camera’s Sky 250ET comes with the Sony CX405 Video Camera, which is an excellent camera for capturing sports footage. This drop-in fit with ease of assembly and operation makes it an excellent choice for those who want ‘all inclusive’ system. 

Think of The Ease of Set Up

Some endzone camera systems can have a counter-intuitive set up, which can cause frustration and impact the entire set up of the system. This difficulty of setup could impact how the filmer can quickly get everything in place to have a good recording of the game. If you are looking for an easy to use and quick set-up endzone camera system, you should definitely check out the Sky 250 model series from Hi Rise Camera. The Sky 250 series from Hi Rise Camera are easy-to-use systems that are just plug-and-play, which will significantly optimize your set up time and provide you with pro quality video footage.

Consider the Weight

Contrary to popular belief, heavier isn’t always better.  Portability is critical…. especially if you want to take it to away games for filming. Having an endzone camera system that is made from high quality materials and has great anchor options will provide you the most sturdy solution. For example, with all Hi Rise Camera towers, you receive 10 inch straight stakes with custom spiral ground grips, which provide maximum anchor force. Additionally, sand/anchor bags are also included with all towers. 

Everyone looking to capture sports footage signs on to carrying around some degree of equipment, but there’s no reason you should struggle to set up and pack everything away before and after a game. Look for a portable system that is easy to store and haul at a moment’s notice. The endzone camera system you choose should be portable and easily carried by a single person to avoid logistics issues. 

Find a Camera With Easily Interchangeable Batteries

An essential part of capturing videos of sporting events is having a powerful, fully charged battery on hand. Internal batteries are, therefore, a poor choice because if they run out, you’ll miss everything. 

External batteries are the best way to keep your endzone camera juiced up until the end of the game. Fortunately, the Sky 250ET from Hi Rise Camera includes an external camera battery that will keep your camera running for 8 to 10 hours, meaning there’s no need to swap it in the middle of the game! 


Finding the best camera for the job rests heavily on usability, stability, and durability. You must consider these items, while also balancing items such as product price, product warranty, and customer service. It’s a lot to consider. But no worries, that’s where Hi Rise Camera comes in. Hi Rise Camera’s systems offer various options to accommodate your tower preference and makes everything very easy to do. 

Hi Rise Camera is a premium endzone camera system that can be used for various sports and events. With three camera system options, you can film (and even have the option to live stream) your next game or practice with professional HD quality. Check out the towers from Hi Rise Camera and see how it can take your video footage to the next level!