Best place to film a sports game

Where is the Best Location to Place Your Endzone Camera System When Getting Footage for Lacrosse, Soccer, and Baseball/Softball?

Filming a sport with an endzone camera system and a fast-moving ball can be a challenge. To ensure you get the most value out of your Hi-Rise camera footage, we thought we would reveal a few strategic positions which will help you capture as much of the action as possible.

Positioning Your Endzone camera To Capture Maximum Footage

Soccer and lacrosse are fast moving sports, which adds an extra layer of a challenge if you want to cover every position, while still being able to follow the ball around the field. A fast-moving ball often means that the action shifts from one end of the field to the other very quickly. In the case of baseball and softball, it can be in the blink of an eye.

All sports require team members to follow specific strategies even when not in possession of the ball, but it is just as important to capture these moments for an effective video coaching system.

To ensure the best result from your Hi Zone camera, you should aim to capture a wide angle of the pitch. Position your camera this way will always mean you catch as much of the action as possible.

A Hi rise camera will also enable you to review the players’ performance on passing the ball, as well as their ability to create or take advantage of opportunities.

Height is critical. A wide-angle view of the entire pitch requires a good deal of height to accomplish, so make sure you are using an endzone camera with a telescoping tower that can reach the heights you need. Twenty feet is recommended. Going higher than that adds extra expense for diminishing returns.

When you’ve got the correct height for your Hi Rise camera, it’s essential you pay careful attention to your zoom. Move in too close, and you risk cutting the outfield players out of the shot.