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Why Do All Good Teams Insist on Having Game Film

Whether you are an athlete, a parent of an athlete, or a team coach, you likely know about game film. Many teams invest in a sideline video tower or endzone camera system to make sure they capture the game in detail. Athletes typically watch game film to improve their individual game and also watch it with the coach/team for game prep, strategy, etc.

But what really is the point of game film and why should every sports team use them? Read on and find out: 

What Is Game Film?

Game film is video footage of an entire game or a part thereof. This footage can be useful to a wide variety of players, coaches, and the team. Game film is usually recorded by one of the team’s coaches or team managers, that is reviewed after the game by the team, coach, or even individual players. From a college recruiting standpoint, players can also use game films (or clips from the game film) to send to college scouts and even make highlight videos.

Learning Using Game Film

Game film is particularly useful for teaching players and even coach education. Game film can be used as a coaching tool to help players and coaches learn from their mistakes and improve their skills. Players can see the game from a different angle and the break-down sessions with the team are invaluable. 

Analyzing Games

In most leagues, having game film to swap with teams is a requirement. It is so important in fact, that some leagues impose fines on teams that don’t shoot game film. The game film can be used to review the team’s performance, the opponent’s strategy, and the effectiveness of the coach’s game plan. 

Game Prep

Another great use for game film is to prepare for the next game. More specifically, having game film of your opponent can allow you to create a strategy to prepare for your opponent.  For example, if you see in the game film that the team tends to run specific plays or has a star player that their offense runs through, you can create a strategy to break the play and/or isolate their best player.  

Player Highlights and College Recruiting

The game film can be used in a number of ways. As an athlete, there’s nothing better than getting the big win and making some of your best plays when it counts. Having this captured on video allows players and parents to have those memories forever and just as important, included it in recruiting videos for college scouts. This is where online video platforms like Hudl come into play. Hudl allows teams and players to upload this footage, create highlights, and send that link to their video out to colleges, family, and even post on social media.

Game Film Is Crucial to the Team’s Success

Team managers and volunteers are often responsible for shooting the game film footage. The team manager/volunteer usually has access to the sideline video tower and/or endzone camera system for recording the game. Having this high angle view is a must-have when you start talking about effective game film. That’s why systems like Hi Rise Camera have become increasingly popular and a must-have for teams. Having a simple set up for volunteers and managers, added with the HD video quality from 21 feet high is a game changer for teams.

To make sure that you capture the best possible game film, you need to have the best equipment. That’s where Hi Rise Camera can help you. We offer the highest quality video camera tower that you can use to capture your entire game. Check out our video camera towers today!