Endzone Camera

Why Replacement Parts Matter When Deciding on An End Zone Camera System

When you are looking for a new endzone camera system, you will probably consider the height of the video camera tower. You will also look at the price, and what type of camera is included in the package. One thing that you might not have thought about, though, is where you will buy the spare parts. The cost of an endzone video system is not limited to the initial purchase price of the equipment. You also need to factor in the cost and availability of spare parts. If you don’t, you could end up with an endzone or a sideline camera that you can’t afford to maintain. Here’s why replacements parts are such an important consideration when you are buying an end zone camera system.


The most important reason why replacements parts matter when buying an endzone camera system is the cost of ongoing maintenance. Endzone video systems will need to withstand some rough treatment. They will be carried from place to place. Sometimes they will be packed away and stored in the back of a storeroom. From time to time, even the best endzone camera system is going to need some replacement parts. If those parts are expensive to buy, the ongoing costs of keeping the video camera tower in good working order are going to mount up.


Some sideline camera manufacturers, like Hi Rise Camera, use standard parts that can be purchased anywhere. Others use proprietary parts that can only be purchased from the manufacturer. The use of proprietary parts usually means that the parts will cost more. Plus, if the parts are out of stock, the endzone video will be out of action until the parts can be delivered.

Emergency Replacements

When you at an away game and you find that a part has broken on your endzone camera system, you are going to want to fix it quick. If you can’t buy parts for your video camera tower, you could miss out on getting video footage of a very important game. If your endzone video system uses parts that you can buy in a regular store, you’ll be able to make emergency repairs. If not, you will have to wait until the specialized parts that you need can be delivered to you.


The final reason why replacement arts are so important is the expected lifespan of the sideline camera or endzone camera. For most teams, a video camera tower is an investment. They want to be sure that they are going to get years of use out of the equipment. If you can only get parts from one supplier, and that supplier ceases trading, you wind up with an expensive endzone camera system that you can no longer use.

The things to think about when buying an endzone camera system are like those that you would consider when buying a car. You might be lucky enough able to afford to buy an expensive European supercar, but could you afford to buy the spare parts? Video camera towers that use standard parts, like Hi Rise Camera, are much cheaper and easier to maintain in the long term. Endzone video systems that use specialist parts can end up in the back of a storeroom, never used. That’s a big waste of money for any team