Football shot from video tower camera

3 Reasons Video Camera Towers are Essentials for All Teams

The next best thing to watching a game-changing touchdown live is having the technology to replay it as many times you wish in high definition. If you have an end zone camera, this is possible. It allows you record game action accurately, letting you see each and every play—this is great for making highlights, doing analysis, or using it for coach education & training. Here are some benefits of having an end zone camera for your team.

It gives you a chance to analyze player performance

Coaches know that players don’t just improve from workouts and drills—watching and analyzing game film helps athletes with the mental aspects. When you have a video camera tower, you can record it all—brilliant plays, full game, and everything in between. If you have a tower, you can capture a high-angle view and see more of the game than you would if your camera stays on the ground. You can set these towers to reach up to 21 feet, which means you capture a full field/court view.

With a camera, you can slow things down

No one sees absolutely everything that happens during a game. Since things move fast,  a crucial play or  wrong call may be missed. Capturing video with end zone cameras can help you slow the game down during review and playback. That will allow the video to be watched, played back, and slowed down as needed.  As such, it’s important to have cameras at different levels and angles so that you can capture as much of the game as possible.

You can review the game no matter the weather

Most outdoor sports play through rain and snow, on muddy pitches, in the cold or blazing heat. Don’t miss sloshy, snowy plays; using specially-designed video systems lets you record in all sorts of outdoor conditions. If you use a tower with rain gear like a camera shield cover, viewing monitor cover, and remote-control cover, you can rest assured your equipment stays protected. The show must go on!


Coaches know the importance of having a good game film. Having one camera at ground-level isn’t enough—you need to capture your team’s performance from a high angle. A camera tower lets you do this; when you have a telescoping pole, easy-spin base, and handle brackets, you can film as much of the game as possible.

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