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Hi Rise Cameras in a Sports World of Social Distancing

The world of sports is full of physical contact, which is not just limited to the players on the pitch, court, or field. Fans who experience the game from the stands high-five and hug each other as they jump in celebration. They may also hold each other in consolation when their team suffers a loss. 

However, the experience of playing and watching sports has not been the same since the COVID-19 pandemic has spread throughout the globe. The physical nature of playing and watching the sport has been significantly impacted by the necessary policy of social distancing. 

The Sports Life Amidst COVID-19

Enjoying sports can be challenging without the physical action and reaction that many people consider part of the game. It might even feel like a big part of the spirit and fun has been taken out of the game. During a pandemic, how can the emotion of the game be maintained during a time of social distancing?  

We’ve still got some options. Fortunately, technology and sports continue to evolve alongside each other to create a more accessible and immersive experience, no matter where you’re seated in the stands. Video camera towers, such as our very own Hi Rise Cameras, have been used in indoor and outdoor sports—so fans and coaches alike can get that high angle video footage, which is great for live streaming, and much more! 

Hi Rise Camera can help you enjoy your favorite sports while social distancing. 

Sports video towers, like Hi Rise Camera, can provide optimal angles with the use of sideline cameras or end zone camera systems that can allow various video options for audiences that provide a first-class viewing experience. From the 60x optical zoom, to the live streaming capability, these towers offer many solutions for social distancing initiatives. 

Many people know Hi Rise Camera, primarily as an end zone camera or sideline video tower. However, did you know that some Hi Rise Cameras are used at facilities for monitoring crowd control? Specifically, the towers are used to focus on the observance of social-distancing policies in sports venues, which can be quite difficult with large moving crowds. It’s very easy for groups of people to cluster and ignore social distancing protocols as they make their way out of the stadium or arena. Facilities can now be proactive in the monitoring of crowd flow and preventing group clusters before they develop. 

Video camera towers are a win-win for players, coaches, and fans….especially during the times of COVID-19.  Hi Rise Camera provides the first-class solution in capturing aerial video and high-angle footage of your favorite games. To learn more about the products and accessories we offer for your sporting events, visit our website today!