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How a Video Camera Tower Helps You Raise Your Team’s Game

If your team still does not have an endzone camera tower, you are missing out. Getting one will be a game-changer for your team. If you are still undecided on this this type of investment, here are a few compelling reasons why you should move forward.

It lets you watch the best parts of the game

Enjoy being able to replay big moments & plays….that winning goal or seeing that extra pass you didn’t see during the game. Having this elevated angle from an endzone camera system is very beneficial. 

It gives your lens incredible scope

The Sony CX405 video camera comes standard with the Sky 250ET tower from Hi Rise Camera. With 60x optical zoom, you can catch great plays all night long from almost any spot in the stadium with this camera. Crystal clear HD footage at its best. 

It provides video footage for game analysis

Endzone cameras allow you to capture video that is extremely beneficial for game analysis. Whether you are looking to break-down footage of your team or just as important, using footage to analyze your upcoming opponents. Having a tower means you have more options for using it to benefit your team and coaching staff.

A team’s success lies in the hands of its coaches and players. Coaches have a hard job getting their team ready day-in and day-out for practices and games. Having an endzone camera system can optimize that time for practice, film session, and much more.  

Bring your team’s performance to new heights with a  Hi Rise Camera. Check out our site and see why our endzone camera systems are rated #1. Check us out online or contact us today to learn more!