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Why Elevation is an Advantageous View in Sports Analysis

The performance, spectatorship, and analysis of sports today are unlike anything people have ever witnessed in the past. Thanks to the advancements in technology, gone are the days where coaches and audiences relied solely on referees to make calls for fouls or any play that was obscured by the view of some obstacle.

Our Hi Rise cameras, in particular, are an extremely valuable addition to all sports, as they provide an elevated view of the playing field or court! This way, every motion is captured and analyzed thanks to this specialized sports video camera.

Elevation matters for all sports, be it for football, volleyball, or basketball. It provides coaches with views that previously weren’t possible, adding an extra advantage to the game, especially with post-analysis. Here’s why an elevated view is advantageous in sports analysis:

Sets & Formations

While Hi Rise Cameras are put to excellent use during the game itself, both for spectators and coaches alike, taking the footage off the court is just as valuable in developing better strategies.

Let’s take the example of football, which is a highly tactical sport. Sets and formations can provide insight into the plays that will be called. By reviewing game film from an endzone camera system days (or even weeks) before the game, coaches can identify consistencies, patterns, and trends in the opponents offense and defense.


The invention of high-speed cameras has allowed sports to be recorded in detail and studied at length by coaches and teams to improve their gameplay and strategies. Games should be recorded at a bird’s eye view, which can be provided by an endzone camera system. Using our very own Hi Rise Cameras can provide you with a twenty one foot elevated angle—making it possible to see every single detail and movement of a formation.

It provides the best vantage point so that coaches can evaluate the effectiveness of the plays on the field, leading to more concise directions and corrections for players to perform even better.


Different perspectives will provide the most detailed information to coaches and players looking to improve. Capturing the formation and movement on the field needs to be done from as many angles as possible to see every perspective; the angle you miss might just be the missing link needed to form a much better strategy for the next game.

Endzone camera systems have two-view capabilities that offer a great competitive advantage since every movement from all areas of the field is captured. Capturing both the endzone and sideline view will allow coaches to analyze the overall game.

Seeing is truly believing with the help of endzone camera systems. They provide teams with a unique competitive advantage from coaching strategies, to game day execution.

Are you looking for an endzone camera system to supplement your game films and/or sports videography efforts? At Hi Rise Camera, we offer a first-in-class solution for capturing aerial and high-angle video footage. It’s versatile and can record any sporting event. View our products and contact us today!