Three Important P’s of Sports Video

When it comes to shooting videos of games and practices, you will need different equipment and techniques to make sure you capture the perfect shots and angles. It’s not the same as recording a home video because sports involve a lot of movement and action.

Recording games help coaches and players analyze their tactics and also their opponent strategies. Through these videos, they can create a better game-plan, that will ultimately help them win games. That’s why it’s essential to have a reliable sports video camera to use for filming and capturing games and practices!


When preparing to shoot game film, it is very important to know what shots you need. For example, do you want a sideline shot, endzone angle, or will you be indoors and need to be at mid-court. To that extent, the shot angle that you need will vary by sport and the purpose of the video. Will it be used for coaches for analysis, or live streaming, etc? These are questions that need to be answered prior to getting started. 


For sports such as football, utilizing an endzone camera system to record the games is strongly recommended. However, you need to learn where to place them to make the most out of your setup. Do you want to place it in the middle of the endzone between the uprights? Maybe the corner of the endzone? Or, maybe a sideline shot is preferred? The position of your football endzone camera is a critical piece of the equation and has an important impact of the quality of the video. 

Proper Equipment

When you consider filming sports, there are some key considerations. If you plan to film sports, the first thing to know is that it is different than filming ‘every day’ footage in most cases. In many cases, you can’t use your phone to shoot extended game film footage and in most cases, can’t use your phone or table to film from a high elevated angle. Shooting from a high elevated angle in most cases will cause a ‘fish bowl’ video effect in your resulting video. This is due to the nature of the video/camera lens design of cameras and tablets. Now, that doesn’t meant that your phone or tablet can’t be an option or even help out in a pinch, but a video camera such as a Sony CX405, Go Pro, or similar device. Cameras such as these are a good quality and affordable option. 

When thinking about equipment, another factor to consider is the weight. In most cases, you will need to transport your tower to the game/practice location, unload it, set up, and then pack it back up once everything ends. You can avoid exerting too much effort into lifting your gear by investing in a lightweight endzone camera system, which you can transport, set up, and store with ease.  

When getting ready to shoot your video for games and practices, keep these three P’s in mind. In addition to you getting a professional quality video, it will make shooting the video a breeze. Are you looking for a football endzone camera to record an upcoming game? Hi Rise Camera provides premium solutions for capturing high-angle and aerial video footage of all kinds of shooting and sporting events. Check out our website today for a list of our products!