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3 Reasons You Need High-Quality Endzone Camera Accessories

Everyone who loves capturing sporting footage knows the value of an efficient endzone camera system. However, the focus is often on the camera unit and lenses rather than the other components that are just as important, like the video camera tower. This oversight affects video quality and footage-taking capabilities. 

Most people say that it isn’t the camera that makes the photographer, but the skill. There is some truth to this statement, but we also can’t deny that the right high-quality endzone camera accessories can certainly enhance your footage and help you take better videos no matter your skill level. 

This article will discuss three main reasons you should invest in accessories to enhance your current endzone camera system and capture games better than ever before!

1. You’ll be able to film in all weather conditions 

The weather doesn’t discriminate and sometimes the game has to go on. Rather than choosing between shooting under a flimsy umbrella or not shooting at all, however, why not consider protection gear? 

With accessories to protect your gear, your film can go on just as the game does. Electronic protection gear is waterproof and durable, created to shield your electronics and ensure you still get the best shots. Our set includes a Camera Shield Cover, Viewing Monitor Cover, and Remote Control Cover to keep the entirety of your system safe from wind and rain.

2. You’ll never run out of storage

If you have a Sony CX405 video camera, the recommended storage card is a 32GB micro SD. If you’re filming at full HD, you’ll probably be able to get approximately 3 hours of footage before it is filled. But what if there are multiple games at a tournament you want to capture? 

Videos take up a lot of storage space, so it’s important that you carry a few memory cards around with you whenever you’re filming. That way, should you fill the card in the camera, you’ll be able to swap it out with a fresh one without having to spend precious minutes moving the footage to a laptop or external drive. 

Aside from allowing you to capture as much footage as you’d like, a spare micro SD (or several) will act as a backup if your primary card happens to be damaged or corrupted. That sports match will never happen again, so make sure you always have a Plan B!

3. You’ll transport your gear with ease

One of the less enjoyable parts of filming sporting events is toting all the gear around. Accessories make this part of the hobby several times easier and safer! A hard carrying case will keep your equipment safe. Ours is made of a hard plastic shell that will protect all the contents stowed away inside while still being easy to check-in at the airport. There are even wheels so that you don’t have to hurt your back trying to lift all of the equipment. When moving that gear around is made easy, you won’t have any excuses not to film!


Let’s get one thing clear: It’s possible to film sporting events without any accessories at all. With that being said, you can upgrade your setup and significantly improve your experience with a few high-quality products. When you consider the weather, the storage constraints, and the logistical challenges of the hobby, aren’t accessories a worthwhile investment? Consider all the advantages they offer and look for high-quality products today!

Are you looking for high-quality endzone camera accessories to capture better footage at sporting events? We at Hi Rise Camera can help. Upgrade your endzone camera system to improve your experience today!