Soccer Match

How to Get the Best Soccer Footage and Photographs

Capturing a high-action shot of a soccer game can be difficult without the right equipment. While conventional cameras may get you some good shots, they don’t get to capture every angle, and may even miss some critical moves in the game that make it so exciting to watch! 

Fortunately, sports video cameras and other sports-shooting accessories have been developed to record the beautiful game’s action and skill and allow you to get impressive action-packed stills. Here are some tips on how to get the best soccer videos and photographs:

Understand Soccer Well Enough to Anticipate Critical Moments

Getting the best footage of the game requires a good understanding of key moments that will look especially impressive on video. By knowing when to record critical points of the game, you’ll have greater chances of capturing great footage to highlight its best aspects!

Use the Appropriate Equipment

Your knowledge of the game is only as good as the equipment you use to capture the action. Using something like the Sky 250ET will ensure that you have everything you need to start taking game videos, a perfect piece of equipment for both professionals and hobbyists alike. 

The set comes with the following: 

  • Sony CX405 Video Camera
  • 8-Inch HDMI Viewing Monitor
  • Monitor Tilt Mount
  • Custom Tripod
  • Telescoping Pole
  • (3) 10” Straight Stakes
  • Easy-Spin Pole Base
  • (3) Anchor/Sand Bags
  • Carrying Bag (for the entire unit)
  • Backpack (for electronics)
  • Video Camera Housing & Shield
  • Electronics Cable & Camera Remote
  • Super-Charged External Battery Pack & Viewing Monitor Battery
  • Tilt Control Handles and Cables
  • Product Brackets/Clips

Focus Your Shots with Sideline Cameras

Sideline cameras are especially useful for taking action shots and videos of a fast-paced sport like soccer. Try to focus your shots from a high vantage point using a video camera tower, rig, or scaffold. Capture every part of the game that involves action, including penalties, which you should zoom on when calls are made! Pause between each play to prevent too much footage with lulls in the game. 

Depending on the nature of the plays in the game, you should slowly pan the sideline camera in the direction of the play, zooming in and out as necessary. Make sure you reduce the number of quick camera movements; slow zooming and panning is the way to go. This also makes it easier to capture stills from the footage. 

Capture Footage and Stills of the Crowd

Videos and stills that focus solely on the game can get a little stale, and soccer wouldn’t be the sport it is without the liveliness of its spectators. Whether the game takes place in a stadium or on an outdoor field, your portfolio will be more well-rounded with footage of enthusiastic soccer fans interspersed with on-field action. It will definitely add more depth to your story of the game! 

Reflect the Game’s Environment

Soccer is an exciting game partly because it can take place in a variety of locations, such as stadiums, open fields, and even on the streets. Capturing this fundamental aspect of the game can add more color and texture to differentiate your photos and videos from the next sports photographer capturing the same sport. The terrain, gear, and other aspects of the location can effectively convey the atmosphere of the event. 


Taking sports videos and photos can be challenging, especially if you want your work to stand out, tell a story, and really convey the passion and grit of the game. Accomplishing this can only be done with the proper equipment to ensure that every action-packed move won’t be missed. Invest in the right gear to make sure that your footage and stills capture the very best of this iconic game.

Here at Hi Rise Camera, we offer solutions for capturing the best sports footage from aerial and high-angle views. From sideline cameras to video towers, we ensure that you can get the best out of shooting any sporting event. Shop for our products today!