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4 Tips to Properly Live Stream a Local Sporting Event

While it was previously quite expensive to deliver any type of content online due to the costs barring many individuals, it has become a lot more affordable today. Plenty of local sports organizations are now offering online live streaming as part of their service to allow sports fans to enjoy games right from home. That being said, this does not mean that live streaming is easy to do—easier but still fairly complex. There are many factors to consider and a few investments to be made.

If this is something you are trying to do, you are in the right place. We are going to share a few tips you can follow to properly live stream any local sporting event you want to share online:

1. Survey the sporting site

One of the first things you should always do is survey the site. This way, you can understand the layout of the sporting area, allowing you to determine the camera layout, cable your tools safely, and more. Knowing all of this beforehand can make the setup easier on the day itself. 

Other things you should also account for during the survey are the environment itself, such as the wind and sun. Picking spots that are not subject to glare or wind will ensure the security of your live stream.

2. Invest in the right equipment

There are many types of equipment you will need to ensure high-quality streaming. Of course, the camera is essential here. However, one of the more critical tools you may have forgotten about is the camera tower itself. Such a tool will allow you to create high-angle footage that viewers love, so picking the right tower to fit your needs is vital to the success of your stream. 

3. Choose a streaming platform

There are many streaming platforms you can pick from to showcase what you are streaming, one of the most popular being Twitch. You do not necessarily have to pick Twitch to be your go-to platform. 

You must, however, select a platform that allows you to publish the stream to end-users so that they can watch it when they are free—at their convenience. Monetization, auto-captioning, and more are good to consider when selecting a platform.

4. Set up strong internet connections

There is no way to live stream high-quality content if you do not have a good internet connection. As such, you will want a dedicated connection to ensure flawless streaming. That being said, take bitrate, quality of your streams, and more into account to ensure you set up an internet connection that can handle what you are trying to stream.


Live streaming is by no means easy, let alone do properly. Many factors need to be considered, and in some cases, you may want to work with other live streaming professionals to ensure your efforts are a success. 

Our final tip for you is not to rush anything. For instance, opting for cheap cameras or not planning properly is a one-way ticket to a horrible stream. As such, take your time to plan the entire event and invest in the proper equipment to ensure your streams are the best they can be!

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