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The Best HD Endzone Camera System to Use with Hudl Sideline

Sports footage has proven invaluable to many teams as it gives them the opportunity to review past games, study their movements, and improve their techniques. One particular software that has immensely helped sports teams is Hudl Sideline, exclusive to iOS systems, enabling teams to watch the most recent frame in the game within two seconds. It excels most after the game as teams watch the footage to prepare for the next round, but it’s just as crucial for it to function well while teams are on the field or court.

The software was Hudl’s first attempt at creating a hybrid program, both hardware and software, to navigate the wireless Internet problems often present in large stadiums. It functions as its own wireless network, allowing users to stream video from a camera set up in an end zone to the sideline. Like other programs Hudl offers, Sideline has a feature that will enable teams to tag various data points after the game, allowing you to track the precise location on the field in which the play was run from, such as the left hashmark.

The Best Endzone Camera System to Use with Hudl Sideline

Hudl Sideline comes with many different elements that make it easier for sports teams to rewatch their performance and adjust their strategies to increase their chances of winning. However, to make the most out of the program, you’ll need the best endzone camera system out there. 

Hi Rise Camera Sky 250ET: Light but Flexible

One of the top choices among sports teams is the Hi Rise Camera Sky 250ET. Since sports teams often have to travel to games, they’ll need an endzone camera system that is lightweight yet sturdy enough to bring around. The Sky 250ET model ticks all the boxes since it weighs less than 50 pounds, even with everything included. This feature alone makes it a great system to use with Hudl Sideline, giving teams a flexible yet reliable method of recording their games without worrying about extra weight.

The Advantage of Height

Hudl Sideline works best when used at high-angle vantage points, although this isn’t always feasible depending on the spot the team secures. Fortunately, the Hi Rise Camera system comes with telescoping options, allowing the system to extend to 21 feet in height. You’ll enjoy an aerial view that gives you the best angle to capture gameplay footage regardless of the sport and where the team is playing. 

A High-Quality Camera for a High-Quality System

Interestingly, Hudl themselves recommended using high-definition and high-quality cameras to take advantage of Sideline’s features and record detailed imagery required to review games and analyze them. With 1080p as the video standard, your team will need an excellent camera such as the Sony CX405, which Hudl also recommends. Luckily, this model comes with every Hi Rise Camera end zone camera system, including the Sky 250ET, which means you’ll have everything you need to start shooting gameplay footage. For all these reasons, Hi Rise Camera pairs perfectly with Hudl.


Sports teams need a precise combination of software and hardware to film their games, capture highlights, and look for ways to improve. By pairing Hi Rise Camera’s Sky 250ET with the Hudl Sideline, your sports team will have what they need to analyze games and refine your strategy, improving your chances of victory.

Hi Rise Camera is an innovative manufacturer of endzone camera systems that work excellently with Hudl Sideline. Our products transform how sideline camera and endzone video footage are captured worldwide, providing high-quality film at vantage points. Check out our products today for your next endzone camera product!