5 Reasons to Consider the Hi Rise End Zone Camera System

One of the most important concerns in sports videography and broadcasting is what equipment to use. End zone camera systems, in particular, pose a few concerns, beginning with which system works best with Hudl. There are many claims across the internet about which system works best with Hudl, but to us, there is only one clear answer: The Hi Rise Camera system is the perfect solution. 

To that end, we’ve compiled this list of the benefits of the Hi Rise Camera system if you still have not been convinced. With no further delay, here are the benefits:

1. It is lightweight and portable

Teams, including football teams, travel frequently throughout the season for away games and tournaments. This means your end zone camera system should be light and easy to lug around. The Hi Rise system weighs in at less than 50 lbs with everything included, and it is a great companion to a Hudl sideline system. 

2. It offers great vantage points

While Hudl is best when used from high-angle vantage points, it is not always possible with the type of spot you secure. However, with the telescoping option of the Hi Rise Camera system, this is not much of a problem, as the system can extend to a height of 21 feet. Regardless of what sport you are covering and where the team is playing, you can access great vantage points for improved footage. 

3. End Zone Cameras Are Recommended by Hudl 

Hudl recommends using high-definition and high-quality cameras to provide the detailed imagery needed to review game film and analysis. The angle, height, and video quality make all the difference. These days, 1080p is the video standard.

Among the cameras recommended by Hudl for the best results is the Sony CX405, which is the model supplied with every Hi Rise Camera end zone camera system. This is another great reason why Hi Rise Camera pairs great with Hudl.  

4. Its built-in camera is suited for sports filming

The Sony CX405 also has quite a few handy features that make it suited for recording games, practices, and sporting events. Some of these are the Optical SteadyShot™ to keep footage blur-free, a 26.8 mm wide-angle lens to capture a wider landscape, and the Exmor R® CMOS sensor to enhance image clarity and reduce noise in dark environments.

All these features alone should make the Hi Rise Camera system your first choice in sports filming and Hudl use. 

5. Various SD card options available to fit storage needs 

Storing your footage can be a problem when you’re on the go. If you find yourself needing to record multiple games and/or practices, you have the option to use SD cards from 16GB up to 264GB+. Having the option to use various size SD cards is a game-changer and can be a lifesaver at times. The Sony CX405 was specifically chosen as the partner camera of the Hi Rise Camera system to address this issue

Final thoughts

It is important to consider the best options to pair with Hudl when it comes to end zone camera systems. Right there at the top of the list is the Hi Rise Camera system, which boasts versatility, flexibility, and ease of use. 

If you’re interested in a Hi Rise Camera system, send us a message at Hi Rise Camera. We can provide you with the Hudl compatible device you need.