The Best Camera Angles for Different Sports

In the world of photography, angles make all the difference in a truly memorable shot. When photographers want to play it safe, they resort to eye-level shots. Daring photos may have the photographer dropping low or going high, but this depends on the subject. What separates someone who takes ordinary pictures or videos from a legendary one is typically the eye for angles and the patience to wait for the right moments. 

While angles are a highly relative concept in photography and videography, sports videography is particularly known to excel at it. This is typically seen at live-streamed matches, where sports videography truly shines. Nobody wants to watch their favorite sport from the ground up, as many athletes are tall, and the low angle is rather unflattering. This height is why sideline cameras and other sports video cameras operate at a higher angle than usual.

Taller Camera Angles Show More

You can’t exactly get many people into the camera shot with a low angle due to differences in height. However, when get an elevated shot, you can show the whole area of interest, along with most of the people present. If you only have a single camera, this tall camera angle is achievable using a Sky 250NE tripod from Hi Rise Camera, which can extend up to a whopping 21 feet! Add a wide-angle lens onto your camera, and you have the best field of view for any medium or large event you are organizing. 

Placing this in a proper location, whether it overlooks the crowd or located on the sideline, will providean experience for viewers unlike any other. Games, tournaments, and even practices can be live streamed using such  sports video cameras. As mentioned above, this can offer an excellent sideline, endzone, and full-field camera angle that shows the field of play. 

Best Angles for Each Sport

Each sport has an ideal location to place a  sports video camera. Here is a quick guide on the best areas to place a high tripod to get the best viewsof the game: :

1. Basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular sports that make up some of sports videography’s most famous shots. The best place to set up a camera to capture the action is the going to be mid-court or you can place it in a corner sideline if you’re using an elevated sideline camera. This allows easy panning if needed. That said, for indoor sports such as basketball, you can usually capture the entire game from a set location without panning.   This is the case when using an elevated sideline camera like the Sky 250ET

2. Volleyball

For volleyball, this setup will depend on preference. Most coaches want video captured from behind (i.e. end shots). However, when watching the game as a viewer, most people want to see the mid-court shot or corner shot if you are equipped with  a tower like a high rise tripod. i With the height of the volleyball net being approx 7ft high, the elevated tripod system that is being used must enable the user to capture the game at an elevated height. 

3. Baseball

Most baseball shots captured by systems similar toa  Hi Rise tripod are usually shot behind the batter. Put a wide-angle lens on the camera to showcase the whole diamond, and you’ll have a great view of the entire game. That said, using a high rise tripod will provide you the option to shoot from the first base line or third base line. This flexibility offers videographers angle options when shooting video.


Sports are action-packed and fun to watch.  . Most professional-tier athletes have the best coverage equipment to record their matches and show close-up shots, which adds to the thrill of watching the game. However, for amateur athletes using tripods with an elevated height above the field/court can offer a much more engaging view of the game. Regardless if you are a coach, player, or fan, having a product like Hi Rise Camera will allow you to see the game from a more encompassing and strategic viewpoint.  

Hi Rise Camera is a great sports video camera system that can provide different views for sporting events, leisure activities, and everything in between. Contact us today to find the best product for you!