Endzone Camera

Can an End Zone Camera Be Used as a Sideline Camera?

Most video camera tower systems, like High Rise Camera and Hi Pod, are marketed as and zone cameras. Most schools, colleges and teams that buy camera tower systems, though, are going to want to get as much use out of the system as they can. The questions that arise, then, are; can you use an end zone camera as a sideline camera? And, can you use an end zone camera bought for football for sports like soccer, basketball and volleyball? The answer to both questions is yes. But, there are certain features of end zone camera systems that make some systems much more suitable use as a sideline camera than others:

Easy to carry
One of the biggest complaints that people have about video camera towers is that they are too heavy and bulky to carry around. If you are going to use an end zone camera as a sideline camera as well, you are going to need to move it around a lot. For that reason, when you are looking at video camera tower systems, check the weight. If it weighs anything more than 50lb, it’s going to be hard work moving it from one place to another. Look at how easily it packs away as well. If it packs neatly into a carrying case, it will be much easier to take the camera tower with you to away games.

Made to Last
If you are going to use an end zone camera as a sideline camera, the system is going to get a lot of use. It’s also going to be moved around a lot. You are going to get wear-and-tear with any video camera tower, but you don’t want to be replacing parts too often. Some modern endzone cameras have overly complicated motorized mechanisms in them. Some video camera towers are made from flimsy, low-grade aluminum. The most robust endzone and sideline camera systems are straight forward devices. They are made from modern, lightweight materials, like carbon fiber.

Battery Power Option
When you go to away games, you can’t always be sure that you are going to have access to power. The easiest way around that problem is to buy an end zone camera system that comes with a battery pack, like the Hi Rise Sky 200 GC.

Easy to Use
If you use an end zone camera as a sideline camera, ease of use in going to be important. When you are filming from the sideline, you will be moving the camera around much more as you follow the action. Look for features like easy-spin bases and simple tilt controls. A lot of end zone cameras use very basic motorized pan / tilt heads that are not fast enough for fast-moving sports. Manual pan / tilt mechanisms are faster, and they are much more reliable.

Using and End Zone Camera as a Sideline Camera
A well-designed modern video camera tower can be used as both an end zone camera and a sideline camera. But, modern technology doesn’t have to mean complicated technology. The best endzone camera systems, use modern materials, but they are easy to set up, easy to use, and portable. Whether you purchase a High Rise Camera, a Hi Pod, or any other brand of sports camera tower, check the specs carefully. Because, not all end zone cameras make great sideline cameras.