Filming Lacrosse and Soccer Games; Benefits of Wide-Angle and Tight-Angle Shots

All sports fans love seeing their favorite teams play live, even when they know they can’t be there in-person. Fans that watch live games at home, love tuning to channels with quality coverage, no one likes watching or streaming a ‘choppy’ game. When games are not consistently filmed properly, fans will definitely feel reluctant to watch live feeds of their favorite teams, no matter how great the game may be. This will negatively affect the overall viewer experience.

Field sports usually have a ‘back and forth’ nature which means you have to be able to cover each side of the field in seconds. Finding the right angle to film those action-packed plays to without missing out on any action is tricky.  Wide-angle and tight angle shots are both important and a matter of timing.

Wide-Angle Shots

Most experts agree that for fast-paced games, while you should have intermittent tight shots, high and wide vantage points of filming are best. Filming this way will provide a quality vantage point for fans watching the game at home, and it’s also beneficial for analysis. Most of the time, wide-angle shots are used in soccer, lacrosse, and rugby to name a few. Wide-angle shots will ultimately provide a better view of players on the pitch.

Also, wide-angle shots allow viewers to easier see the plays develop before the ‘big moment’ happens. Things such as positioning and passing.

There are many endzone cameras in the market that will provide quality coverage, but Hi Rise Camera stands out above the rest. Hi Rise Camera is also known as a sideline video tower. Hi Rise Camera stands out above other competitors, like Hi Pod, because of its innovative design and the unparalleled video quality it provides. The sideline video tower has a uniquely elevated camera position that is important in taking perfect wide-angle shot from the mid-field. These shots are generally used by coaches for all post-match and pre-match video analysis.

Tight-Angle Shots

When you are taking shots to highlight individual players and/or plays, tight-angle shots are best. They show a more personal view of players. For example, when showing the details of a goal or play leading up to a score, a tight-angle shot provides more detail.

Another aspect of the game where tight-angle shots are necessary and more effective is the taking of set plays. Set plays like corner kicks, penalty shots, and tip-off require closer views of the players and positioning, therefore a tight-angle shot is also best in these situations.

In general, filming a soccer or lacrosse game with any endzone camera or sideline video tower could be tricky. However, using a Hi Rise Camera for your filming will make it as simple as 1-2-3. The great quality will speak for itself.