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Why Are Stakes The Best Way To Anchor A Sideline Video Tower?

It may seem like a ‘no brainer’ on the best ways to anchor a sideline video tower. However, with most sideline video towers and endzone camera systems only including anchor bags, many people are left wondering what other options are available to keep their tower secure and stable during filming.

Hi Rise Camera is one of the only products that include straight stakes with the tower for secure anchoring.

Let’s see why:

Stakes Provide A Secure Base For The Tripod

These are the ground stakes that are made up of cold-rolled steel that makes it durable and robust. Also, it consists of a pointed end-tip at the bottom that allows easy installation on the ground for precision anchoring on even and un-even terrains. The stakes provide a very secure base for the tripod, which is critical in order for the overall tower to remain stable & secure.

Reliable & Simple To Use

Stakes are easy to use and install. No special tools or experience necessary to use. Specifically with the stakes included with a Hi Rise Camera sports video tower, simply insert into the ground and twist. This ensures the teeth on the stake provide an even more secure anchor to the ground.

Travel Friendly

Stakes are lightweight and easy to travel with. Using stakes also mitigates the need of carrying around heavy sand bags or weight bags that would be needed to anchor your sideline video tower otherwise.

Quicker To Use

Have you ever been running a little late to a game and need to set up quickly before the game starts? Sure, we all have been there! Straight stakes take seconds to insert and apply. Compare that the to lugging around multiple heavy sand bags, stakes are definitely the better option.

All Hi Rise Camera sideline video towers and endzone camera systems include straight stakes as part of the system. It is rare that stakes are included with other towers. Take Hipod for instance, their towers only include anchor bags and they do not provide stakes. So as you begin comparing sideline video towers for your team, definitely look into to such items and ask questions about the anchoring options available.