Endzone Camera

How Can an Endzone Camera Improve Team Performance for All Field Sports?

Film and video have played an important part in field sports coaching for a long time, but with recent advances in video technology and the introduction of video coaching systems like Hudl, Krossover and VideoChamp Sports, the technology is no longer something that only the biggest pro teams can afford. Today, armed with an endzone camera and a video coaching system, coaches of any team can use video to revisit games and practice sessions to improve their team’s game. If you coach a team and you don’t yet have an endzone camera, here are some of the advantages that you could be missing out on.

Analyze in real time

The birds-eye view that an endzone camera provides allows a coach to train and mentor a team in real time. Modern video software can deliver video footage directly to a coach’s tablet or smart phone, enabling them to adapt strategies to meet the demands of the game being played. The best way you can see the full field of play is to have a an endzone camera taking shots from a vantage point 20ft above the action.

Review and analyze after a game or a practice

Once you have captured a game or a practice session on video, then you can really get down to analyzing each and every aspect of the team’s performance. A Hi Rise endzone camera will let you see players, both on and off the ball, where they are positioned, how well they are anticipating, and you will be able to see each individual player’s strengths and weaknesses. You will also be able to see how well your strategies are working overall and how well the team are working together as a unit.

Check out the competition

An endzone camera system will also allow you to study your competition more closely. You will be able to work out what their strengths and weaknesses are, understand what your team will be up against, and adapt your strategies to give your team the advantage.

Endzone cameras are not just for football; the power of video footage from an endzone camera is immense and it can apply to any type of competitive field sport.

Hi Rise Endzone Cameras for football

A Hi Rise Endzone Camera will give you a whole new perspective on football. The 20ft elevated view that an endzone camera provides will allow players and coaches to watch games and practice and see what the team is doing right, and what could be improved. Football, in particular, is a sport where good communication and understanding between the coach and the players is essential and video playback from an endzone camera makes it much easier for coaches to illustrate the points they are trying to make.

Hi Rise Endzone Cameras for soccer

Keeping up with a fast paced game like soccer can be tricky, but with an endzone camera, you can easily track the play as it moves up and down the field. The remote control camera on an endzone video system will enable you to stay on the ball, zoom in on the action, and see the positioning of payers, both on and off the ball. An elevated endzone camera is especially useful for small club games and high school games, where access to elevated positions around the outside of the pitch is usually limited. A Hi Rise endzone camera provides a much better view of a soccer game that you could get from the touchline and it will provide you with new insights into your team’s performance.

Hi Rise Endzone Cameras for Lacrosse

Lacrosse is another game that can benefit from the perspective that an endzone camera will provide and it’s another game that can be hard to follow from the ground. The smaller field that Lacrosse is played on makes an endzone camera system even easier to use and, as there are often no elevated views across a lacrosse field, a Hi Rise endzone camera will deliver amazing footage of every game and every practice that you simply could not get from being at ground level on the touchline.

Hi Rise Endzone Cameras for Rugby

Rugby is another game that coaches will rarely find they have access to an elevated position to watch the play from. Rugby is also another game of strategy, very similar to football, so being able to see the positioning of the players, the runs they make and how the passes are made will give a coach an invaluable tool that will help to improve the team’s game.

Hi Rise Endzone Cameras for all field sports

A Hi Rise endzone camera can be an invaluable coaching tool in any kind of field sport and, when it is used in conjunction with software such as Hudl, Krossover and VideoChamp Sports, it can make a huge difference to a team’s performance. Being able to view games and practices from a high vantage point allows coaches to view the play both on and off the ball, analyze what a team is doing right and what it is doing wrong, and share that information easily with the players on the team. If you’d like to see what a video of a game taken from a Hi Rise Endzone video system looks like, take a look out this footage from a Hi Rise camera in action.

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