Hi Rise Camera's Endzone Camera

Is Hi Rise Camera a Great Endzone Camera Option?

If you have been searching for the best endzone camera for your team, then you will have no doubt discovered that are a number of different models on the market at the moment, including Sportscope, Endzone Video Systems, Hi Pod, and of course, Hi Rise Camera. Each system has its own merits and each is slightly different, so to help you make your choice, here are some of the key features of an endzone camera that we think you should be looking for.

Design features

The Hi Rise Camera has been designed specifically to be used as an endzone camera, with or without software applications like Hudl, Krossover and VideoChamp Sports. One of the key elements in the design of an endzone video tower system is that it needs to be easy to use and it needs to be portable. The Hi Rise endzone camera system has a strong, but lightweight, aluminium frame and a carbon fiber telescoping pole that will extend up to twenty feet. It also has innovative features, such as an easy-spin pole that allows you to easily rotate the pole to capture all the shots you need with minimum effort.


You are going to want to use your endzone camera at home and away, so the ease of erecting the system, dismantling it, and the weight of it, are all going to be important considerations. The total weight of the entire Hi Rise camera system is only 50 pounds, which makes it very easy to pack away and transport to different locations.

Quality of the camera

An endzone camera system can only be as good as the camera that you use with the telescopic pole, so check the camera specifications carefully before you decide on which endzone camera system the best will for you. The Hi Rise endzone camera system comes complete with a high quality Sony HDR-CX405 Camera, which is a high definition video camera with image stabilizing technology to eliminate camera shake.

Battery charging

Check both the battery life and the battery recharging options. One of the many innovative features of the Hi Rise Camera is that includes both an AC/DC adapter with rechargeable batteries, and a solar battery pack.

Viewing monitor

The best endzone camera system is not just for capturing footage to be played back later, it’s also for giving you a bird’s eye view of play as it happens and for that you will need a good quality viewing monitor. The Hi Rise camera system includes a 7” high-resolution LCD monitor that will give you crystal clear, sharp images and it’s very easy to use.

Sturdy and stable tripod

While the Sony HDR-CX405 Camera that is included in the Hi Rise endzone camera package does have image stabilizing technology, you will still need a study and stable tripod to keep the unit planted firmly in the ground. The Hi Rise Camera has a weatherproof anodized aluminium tripod with adjustable extension legs, so it will stay upright, even on uneven ground. High Rise Camera units also include all you need to keep the camera stable, including spiral stakes, straight stakes, spike pegs and anchor-bags.


Not every team has the budget of a big league team, but every team can benefit from using an endzone camera system. Even with all the advanced features that we have mentioned above, the Hi Rise endzone camera costs significantly less than alternative models, including Hi-Pod, US Sports Video, HD Endzone Cam and Endzone Video Systems.

Is Hi Rise Camera a Great Endzone Camera Option?

The Hi Rise Camera system is a high quality, affordable endzone camera tower solution that can bring immense benefits to teams playing any field sport. It gives coaches the eye-in-the-sky view that enables better tactical decisions and better analysis of both games and practices. Hi Rise is the perfect camera to use with systems like Hudl, Krossover and VideoChamp Sports, and it’s priced at a level that makes it affordable for all teams. If you’d like to learn more about the features and the options that are available with the Hi Rise Camera take a look at the huge range of Hi Rise Camera products and accessories.

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