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Product Description

Everything you need to begin recording immediately! Your Hi Rise Camera unit includes:

  • Sony CX405 Video Camera
  • 8-Inch HDMI Viewing Monitor
  • Monitor Tilt Mount
  • Viewing Monitor Bracket
  • Custom Tripod
  • Telescoping Pole
  • (3) 10” Straight Stakes
  • Easy-Spin Pole Base
  • (3) Anchor/Sand Bags
  • Tower Carrying Bag
  • Back Pack
  • Video Camera Housing & Shield
  • Electronics Cable Assembly & Camera Remote
  • Super-Charged External Battery Pack
  • Viewing Monitor Battery & Charger
  • Tilt Control Handle Bracket & Cables

Product Details

Video Camera: The Sky 250ET includes the Sony CX405 video camera. The power of the CX405 makes it ideal for use as an endzone camera or for mid-field camera. This camera is known world-over for providing superior HD video quality, being a simple to use & operate, and light-weight. As part of the Sky 250ET tower, the camera does what it is known for – shooting high quality video.

Key Features:

        • HD Video: 1920×1080 recording
        • Dual recording in both mp4 and AVCHD formats
        • Zeiss 60x optical zoom lens
        • Built-in USB cable for easy file transfer/charge
        • Optical SteadyShot™ image stabilization w/Active mode

Viewing Monitor: This high-resolution LCD monitor will enable you to have true HD viewing experience of the event while you are recording. This 8” LCD monitor provides extremely high video output quality and is very simple to use. A true win-win!

Key Features:

        • Resolution 1280x 800, high contrast, 16:9/4:3/full screen display
        • TFT LCD screen with wide viewing angles
        • Monitor can used for HDMI port, AV port and Live View.
        • Magnification and peaking modes ensure that focus is sharp and is pixel-perfect in every part of the image.
        • Accurate reproduction of the HDMI signals
        • Includes headphone jack to monitor sound

Telescoping Pole, Tripod and More Product Features

Custom Tripod: Each tripod leg can be adjusted to different lengths, which is great for suiting different/uneven terrains. You can shoot videos just as easily on the field, court, street, as well as uneven surfaces. The tripod’s extension legs are anodized aluminum to keep corrosion at bay. Carbon Fiber Telescoping Pole: Built with industrial high grade carbon fiber, this telescoping pole extends up to 21 feet! The pole is divided into four easily adjustable sections and simply clamp lock into place.
Easy-Spin Base: This aluminum and rubberized Easy-Spin base enables you to smoothly and quickly rotate the telescoping pole to capture high-angle shots with ease. The rubberized bottom offers great traction for indoor and outdoor terrains. Video Camera Housing & Shield: This assembly provides a secure location at the top of the telescoping pole for the video camera and also plays a key role in the tilt control functionality of the unit.
Electronic Cable Assembly & Camera Remote: This custom cable assembly includes a sleek and slim design to provide the HD video from your camera to the monitor. It also connects your camera multi-port to the remote control to zoom, record, and more from the base of your unit. Handle Bracket: The handle bracket provides a comfortable easy-grip handle for users to effortlessly rotate the camera back and forth. It also plays a key role in controlling the camera tilt functionality.
Viewing Monitor Bracket: A sturdy yet light-weight aluminum bracket provides overall strength and durability to support your viewing monitor. Super-Charged External Battery Pack: This 10000 mAh solar charger includes fast-charge technology. In addition to the modern and sleek design, this battery can automatically adjust the current and voltage to achieve maximum power.
Tilt Control Cables: These tilt control cables connect the handle bracket to the video camera housing & shield. These cables enable the user to control the pan/tilt of the camera from down below. Straight Stakes: These ground anchor stakes include cold rolled steel construction for durability and strength.  Additionally, the bottom pointed end-tip makes for easier installation in compact and firm soils.
Carrying Bag (soft): This durable and water resistant carrying bag includes a 5,370 inch cubic capacity (88 liters). In addition to being strong and spacious, it is also Airline/Check-In compliant. Please note: Hard Carrying Case is not included with the Hi Rise Camera unit. The Hard Carrying Case can be purchased separately in the Optional Accessories section of the website. Back Pack: This durable and high quality back pack includes contoured shoulder straps, chest strap, and overall backpack design that provides the ultimate comfortable fit. Internal padding surrounds your equipment to provide additional protection.

Additional information

Weight 150.00 lbs
Dimensions 120 × 15 × 15 in

405 reviews for Sky 250ET

  1. Chris

    Our rep Melissa has been great. She answered all of our questions and made sure we had everything we needed. I’m big on customer service and she has done a wonderful job! Everything with the camera has been smooth sailing and coach is happy with it!

  2. Chris

    I was a bit skeptical at first about how much more affordable Hi Rise was then the other places we looked, but this end zone camera tower has been a great investment. The angle is exactly what we’ve been looking for. Definitely needed this.

  3. Chris

    Putting it together is straight forward. The instructions are good. I will say that you MUST pay attention when connecting your electronic cables because we had a “situation”. I will say that there was an oversight on our end setting up but (big but) I would think there should be more protective measures in place to account for times when users may miss something. This is the feedback I gave to my sales rep as well. Other than that we are pleased so far.

  4. Chris

    Filming volunteers have said that it’s easy to set up and control. Video quality is good.

  5. Chris

    The battery pack doesn’t have quick charge so it takes too long to charge up. Also I thought the sony camera came with a 10 year warranty too but that is only on the structure. Why not?? Doesn’t feel good!

  6. Chris

    The tower has been incredible for capturing our game film in terms of video quality, etc, and I believe it’s helped our players grasp the concepts better. It’s been smooth sailing on that side. I will say that that I wish they gave an additional sd card for the price.

  7. Chris

    I’ve been using this end zone camera tower for about a year, and it’s been able to keep up with the team. It’s gone against our tough winters, team travel and has been pretty solid overall. Hard case is a kind of big but it works.

  8. Chris

    I’ve had to deal with a lot of different products over the years that ended up being ineffective and a waste of the department’s money, but our Hi Rise tower has truly been a game changer. Its been easier to teach concepts and correct players with the footage. So I can say the tower has 100% been worth it.

  9. Chris

    We were looking for something that wouldn’t break the bank but still delivered on the quality so we could use it all the time for practices and games and also straightforward because we rely on volunteers. The HiRise camera ticked all the boxes. Plus we’ve been putting it through its paces, and it’s working up like a champ.

  10. Chris

    The shot from the top angle is way better than filming from the stands like we were doing before. Being able to have reliable game film for home and away games has been great. Its been working out really good for us. Recommended.

  11. Chris

    Overall the experience using it is good. Goes up easy and packs up good too. Maneuvering simple so I’m able to get all the plays.

  12. Chris

    Very easy to use. Sets up quick. This is very important for us because we don’t always have a lot of time to set up before the game. Compared to our previous tower cam, assembling this one has been a MUCH smoother and easier. Two thumbs up!!!

  13. Chris

    High Rise earns my highest recommendation. Their products are pro level quality. This is my second program I’ve brought it to and does a great job for us. Keep up the great work!

  14. Chris

    I’m not even gonna waste my time on a long drawn out review. The 1 star says it all. The first few times we used it was fine but after that there were problems. First we had issues with the battery not working. Then we couldn’t get the streaming to stay online. And then it just went downhill from there. Nope I don’t recommend it.

  15. Chris

    Customer service is important to me. Anybody can treat you good before you buy but I’m big on how I’m treated after the sale is finished. I’ll tell you the customer service here has been excellent. Shout out to Melissa for all of the help! When I had an issue she was quick to jump in and help get everything worked out. It’s great to see a company that genuinely cares about its customers. Thanks again!

  16. Chris

    I must say it’s the REAL DEAL. The tower is legit and pro quality. It is everything we hoped it would be. Five stars for sure!

  17. Chris

    It gets the job done but getting your video off the sd card could be easier. That would help a lot. When you have as much video as I do these types of items can add up and take up more time than it should.

  18. Chris

    Been using it for over a year now. Solid piece of equipment. It captures what we need and it has been very reliable for us.

  19. Chris

    The versatility and durability make it a must-have for coaches. Having game film at this level is game changer. Five stars without hesitation.

  20. Chris

    Investing in a Hi Rise was one of the best decisions we made for our program. Finding a system that was easy to set up and use was an important factor for us. The setup is simple and the quality has exceeded our expectations.

  21. Chris

    It has surely helped improve how we watch and analyze film. The clear video quality and the ability to review every play from multiple angles has been invaluable for our improvement.

  22. Chris

    We had questions when setting it up the first few times. Melissa went above and beyond to ensure that we had everything we needed and she extremely helpful. We’ve been using it for a while now and are still impressed with how good the tower works and customer service.

  23. Chris

    We use it for the endzone angle. It gets us the shots we need and has been really beneficial for us to have these shots from the endzone for our coaches and players.

  24. Chris

    Good stuff so far! Gets the job done. If the filming chair came with the package and you didn’t have to buy it separately that would make this thing a 5 star in my opinion.

  25. Chris

    At first we had to figure how that outside battery worked for the camera to keep the camera powered up but after that we were all set. Overall we like almost everything about it. The only thing that I would recommend is offering the option to include weigths in the weight bags. That would have been something we would have bought for sure. Just a suggestion for the future.

  26. Chris

    Video quality is good. Puts up quick too.

  27. Chris

    I have had a great experience with my rep on multiple occasions. He was very helpful and quick with responses and help. He made the experience very easy. The people that they have at their company make it that much better of a product!

  28. Chris

    The higher point of video is way better than how we were gettting video before. One of the important things for our team was ensuring we can take it on the road for games as well as home games. Everything packs up small so its been easy to travel. Coach is happy with the video as well.

  29. Chris

    The video made it up easy to set up. Its pretty straight forward after that. Video quality was good. Like it.

  30. Chris

    Simple to connect with hudl and has been really good for our video needs. We did have an issue with the initial setup connecting to hudl but not sure if that was the camera or hudl. Got it working and been fine ever since.

  31. Chris

    The thing that was most important to me was the set up. Since volunteers help out with filming this was very important. The set up is easy. Tip – make sure to pay close attention to the details about the cable hook up.

  32. Chris

    We use ours for all different sports where we were unable to install permanent system. Gives a good video position for review and live streaming too.

  33. Chris

    Great. Ordered another one. Enough said!

  34. Chris

    I like most everything about it but there is one item that can use improvement. The level for the tripod is a circle and hard to center at times. My recommendation is to use a regular straight level. 

  35. Chris

    The quality of everything is really good. We travel with ours often and not the most gentle bunch. This thing will last for a long time for sure. I would recommend to other teams as well.

  36. Chris

    Getting the center level in the tripod level can be a bit tricky at times but thats the only tough thing we have run into. Other than that everything else has bee smooth for us. The video quality and positioning has been good as well.

  37. Chris

    Ok so I lost one of my rain covers for the electronics and needed to buy ONE and only ONE to cover the monitor. I had the other two covers. The rep advised me they only sell them in the complete set!!! I don’t need the one for my camera or remote….just the monitor! Ridiculous!

  38. Chris

    The tower is easy to use and the service is good. We had a few questions when first starting and wanted to speak with someone….not just look at a video. Melissa was very helpful and made sure we were all set up.

  39. chris

    it works like its supposed to. has my vote

  40. Chris

    I am satisfied with everything included and works well. I will provide feedback on the hard case design. If you redesign it to make it slimmer on the top side more people can fit it in cars easier. That is the benefit of traveling without the case but you give up the protection of it in my opinion.

  41. Chris

    If you take your video seriously like i do then i highly recommend the high rise system

  42. Chris

    I want to mount my security camera on top instead of the sony camera so i can stream games that way but there is not an adapter mount that fits the bottom hole of the security camera.

  43. Chris

    We were looking for something that was affordable good quality that will last us. Good so far.

  44. Chris

    This Hi Rise has worked exactly like we hoped it would. We have the video we need and the quality is really good!

  45. Chris

    When I first received our tower I found out the tilt knob on the monitor tilt mount was broken. I will say that it was replaced quickly so I was happy about that. Called customer service they were helpful. No issues since the knob. Satisfied so far.

  46. Chris

    Worth the investment for us. Previously we had a different brand and older endzone system that was heavy and difficult to set up. We travel with our high rise for road games and also use it for practices/games. The video is a game changer for our film session and showing to players.

  47. Chris

    Everything considered it is a great quality product at a good price. Likes: parts quality, height of footage and simple set up. Dislikes: should provide 2 sd cards instead of one, same is true for the viewing monitor battery include 2 instead of one battery. This would help customers that may have forgotten to charge the battery the night before the game. Having a back up is very important in this situation. Other than that it is a great tower to use.

  48. Chris

    Good for our games and we also use it for practices. My only recommendation is to offer multiple camera brands as an option.

  49. Chris

    We have been using it for a few seasons now and its been working out good. Its simple and easy for us to use.

  50. Chris

    Had an issue with a knob getting stuck on the bracket and was not able to use the high rise for our game. They did send a replacement part to replace it but we still missed one of our best games of the season, ughhh!

  51. Chris

    I have nothing but good things to say about my HiRise. We take it on the road and also use it for practices. Can’t go wrong with it. The only suggestion I have is to consider offering more video camera options. We replaced our sony camera with a different one and it was spot on.

  52. Chris

    We use it for our soccer and lacrosse teams. The height of the video is such an advantage compared to how we used to film. The system is pretty easy to use which is good quality which are important.

  53. Chris

    A few pros and cons in my opinion. Overall, satisfied
    Pros: quality of tower, easy to use, price, optional filming position
    Cons: no AI requires person, would like to be able to fit full season on same sd card

  54. Chris

    One of the most important things that we were looking for in a system was for it to be easy to take to games and set up. Since we have volunteers that help out with this, its important to make sure we cover our bases with that. HI-rise has been a very good purchase for us. It’s been a huge asset to the team being able to use video in this way.

  55. Chris

    I called in with questions about live streaming and the rep was very helpful. Since they don’t offer any live streaming boxes, there was not much they could offer besides advice but I appreciate the willingness to help and her attitude.

  56. Chris

    I will say that I was pleasantly surprised on how easy it was to set up and get going. When we first opened the box i did have some hesitations. The instructions are easy to follow. Quality on this thing is top notch. Recommend.

  57. Chris

    Just what we needed! The angle is great and game changer for us.

  58. Chris

    Bought my Hi Rise a few years back and was told it had a warranty for 10 years. I called in to tell them about the issue with my camera and found out that the tower has the warranty for 10 years, but the video camera have 1 year warranty. Why wouldn’t you do 10 years for the camera too?!!!? Its BS if you ask me.

  59. chris

    I had one of these at my former school and lasted for years. Bought one for my new program and it has been working just as good with the quality and price.

  60. chris

    Video is nice and this thing is well made. That said…..i’m deducting 2 stars because the rain covers should be included in the tower package. Why would people need to buy this separately????? That’s my only knock on it.

  61. chris

    The service has been really good. Every time I’ve had a question it has been answered and resolved. After we set it up the first time we got the hang of it. We are good to go now.

  62. chris

    Used it a few times, going pretty well so far
    does what we need it to do

  63. chris

    We got it close to the end of the season and used it a few times. So far so good. We will be using it more in the spring and next season.

  64. chris

    Worked well for us.

  65. chris

    Had an anchor bag bust on us. They sent a replacement but took a week to get here. In season and needed it next day. Other than that everything has been solid so far

  66. chris

    Been good for us. I’d recommend.

  67. chris

    Hdmi stopped working, 2 seasons. Found out electronics only have 1 yr warranty! Do better! Our rep was as helpful as he could be and was nice about everything. Other than that i would have given less.

  68. chris

    You can tell the parts are going to last. I also like that it is easy to use. Before we purchased it I wasn’t sure if we needed to get higher, but the height proved to be just fine for us. I will also mention that the rep we worked with reached out to us to see if we had questions once it arrived. That was good touch. I would make some changes to it. For the tripod, maybe they should consider using a different level instead of circular may make it easier for some.

  69. chris

    Easy to use and films great.

  70. chris

    coaching buddy recommended it and didn’t break the bank too hard so we gave it a shot. Its good so far.

  71. chris

    I am a head high school football coach out in Tucson, AZ. The camera tower is easy to setup, take down, and control. I have had the camera tower for the past year with no complaints. The sales representative was great to work with. They had prompt and excellent customer service. I would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for an affordable, durable and efficient product!

  72. chris

    Use it all the time. Great quality. Video at this angle makes all the difference. Only thing I would suggest is that if you give more sd cards that would help teams that share the camera and don’t pull their video from the card. Other than that, it is a good investment.

  73. chris

    Everything has been good with our HiRise. The thing is also impressive to me is the service. Any time I reach out and send an email I get a quick response back. If I speak with the rep they are always friendly and know what they are talking about. Bought one for our program last year and looking to get a second one this year. That should say alot right there. Keep up the good work.

  74. chris

    We needed something durable for our travel, and affordable for the school budget. This fit the bill for us. Good product and simple to operate. The thing I will ding them on are the weight bags. If they were bigger it would make them more versatile. Other than that, it’s worked out good for us.

  75. Justin Smith (verified owner)

    Very displeased with the company and customer support. The camera is a standard Sony camera so there’s nothing associated with Hi-Rise in that regard. From what I can tell they slap fancy logos on different filming components and market it. It’s all outsourced Price is fair, but be leery of quality. Stakes alone on the tripod aren’t enough to secure it and will void all warranty offered. Sandb

  76. chris

    Got the hi rise for our soccer team. It has been great for us so far. We use it for games and training. Set up is pretty simple and easy to follow instructions. The video quality is very good. I will suggest using it for a practice or training session before the game so that you can figure out how you want to film your game, etc. That would have been helpful for us, but we figured it out just fine. Overall, the quality of the parts are made very well.

  77. chris

    Melissa was an amazing customer service rep. She set up our account and always helpful and friendly.

  78. Chris

    The rain covers are not included….you have to buy them separately. WTF!

  79. chris

    This system is easy to take to games and practices. Overall its pretty simple. Extra stakes and more SD Cards included in the package would be a good bonus to add.

  80. Chris

    I don’t like the orange cables. Surely there is a better way to oragnize it. You should also consider making a live streaming box to include with the tower.

  81. CE

    Great piece of equipment. I recommend that all High School and college programs invest in the Hi-Rise tower. It is really easy to use ( user friendly) and the set up and breakdown is fairly easy. We love it!

  82. Coach

    Hi-Rise has a great product that is simple to use and uploads to Hudl easily. The product is easy to setup, take down and store. You can easily teach someone to video live action in a matter of minutes. We have setup the camera on various surfaces and not had any issues. I recommend this product to any team or organization needing to film from a high, mobile unit. The customer service is great and I recommend asking for Roland if you are calling Hi-Rise about purchasing this product.

  83. chris mills

    As a college athletics administrator, multiple programs use our Hi Rise Camera to film practices and games. It is easy to setup and both like using it to get a higher angle for filming purposes. Customer service is great with fast responses and quick to answer any questions we’ve had. Would recommend.

  84. chris mills

    its been a night and day difference having this angle for game film. satisfied with everything

  85. chris mills

    Perfect for us. Able to film practices and games. Set up is straightforward.

  86. chris mills

    Got a second one for this year for my side angle. Good quality system and the fact that it is easy to is important to us. The customer service has been good to work with and helpful.

  87. chris mills

    Works how I expected. I will admit that it extends higher than I anticitated. Looks like iits more like 25ft high. I would have expected to get 15-20 games on an Sd card that was included but thats not the case. You will get 4 or 5 games at a time.

  88. chris mills

    Previously we had an endzone set up from a different company and it did not work out well. So we decided to give the HiRise a shot this past season. The parent that does my filming has had good things to say about the tower and has done a great job on the video. Quality product and video all around.

  89. chris mills

    The tower itself is good to use. Everything is easy to understand. The reason for the 3 stars is the video camera. I assumed the video camera would allow us to mic-up the coach which would be good for training purposes….but it does not. Had to get a separate microphone and rig it that way.

  90. chris mills

    I must say that it is easier to use than I thought it would be. The only thing that threw me for a loop was getting the video from the sd card onto the computer to break it down. After we figured that out it was smooth sailing.

  91. chris mills

    Set up wasn’t too bad. During our first time using it the rain started. Thats when we figured out that the rain covers were not included in this package. You have to buy them separately. What sense does that make! Should definitely be included.

  92. Chris

    We have been using system for a while and it has been great for us. The video quality is good and straight forward on the set up. I mentioned this to my sales rep but it would be huge if you starting offering a live streaming package option.

  93. chris

    Things have gone pretty well only one issue with one of the batteries malfunctioning.

  94. chris

    It would be better if there was a way to attach my phone to the top to film instead of using a video camera.

  95. Chris

    We usually use our hi rise for games and tournaments primarily. When we bought it one of the things we were told is that you can transport it in a car and this weekend we put that to the test. Now, we did have to let the backseat down but it did fit. Impressed so far with how it works and the quality.

  96. CW

    The height of it works. Personally I wouldnt go any lower. The tilt cables can be challenging if you don’t clip them down. When its all said and done I would recommend it.

  97. Cw

    High quality with customer service to match.

  98. Cw

    I’ve never considered myself tech savvy person in any way, so I must admit that I was a bit hesitant to take on the filming responsibilities when asked. I wanted to help the coaches and team so I figured I would give it a shot. I will be honest, the first time I opened the box it was a little overwhelming. But, when I looked at the instructions, I was surprised to see how easy it was to set up. Then, there was the big test after set up….does it work. It worked perfectly! Easy to operate and function as well. I did run into a small snag with the external battery for the camera, but figured it out pretty quick and I was solid from there. Good stuff!

  99. Cw

    Each of the parents chipped in some money to buy it. Price was good and saw another team we played against had it and looked good. Pleasantly surprised by the quality and finish when it arrived. Set up was straight forward. Video quality is really good. I would recommend to anyone looking for one.

  100. Cw

    Wanted to switch from using a Sony camera to a Canon. Found out that the cabling provided is specific to the Sony brand and would need to get different cabling to use the Canon. Don’t you think you should give customers options!

  101. Cw

    I am impressed with how the hi rise packs up. I can pack it up in my car and we are all set. Previously we had a hipod and i had to find a parent with a truck to get to games.

  102. Cw

    We’ve owned the Hi Rise Camera Tower for two seasons now and it has been great. We still use it for all our games and practice. Makes a huge difference in film session. Also, a big shoutout to our account rep Melissa!

  103. cw

    My team and our staff have really benefited from having the hi rise. Being able to record games and practices and teach with video has been a valuable for us. We have a saying, The eye in the sky don’t lie. Showing players technique and situation awareness in the video is another key point. Pleased so far. Its working out well for us.

  104. cw

    Wanted to film tournament games for my team, volleyball. The height is good, it actually goes up higher than we need so thats nice. The hi rise itself is not excessively large but when you are at volleyball tournaments the courts are back to back to back so having any space in between courts can be tough. Would be great if you created and small weight plate or something that the pole would be on which would mean you don’t have to have the tripod and you could save space at such tournaments.

  105. cw

    The process of getting started and set up was smoother than I anticipated. Pleased with the system and service.

  106. cw

    Great quality and strong. Easy to set-up and pack up. Before using it for the first time I was a little nervous about controlling something that went so high in the air. The tripod and stakes made me very comfortable and it is straight forward.

  107. cw

    The overall system is good. We use it at tournaments and it has done a great job for us. We opted for the hard case but it is a bit big for my taste. Other than that it does a good job on the road and we get the video we need.

  108. cw

    We use it in the end zone and it is a great addition for not on the coaches but for the players as well. Being able to use this type of video in film session after the game is necessary in my opinion. The parents that operate it have had good things to say about it and no issues. I would recommend.

  109. cw

    The durability for our travel was great for our volleyball team. The video was good. Everything is straight forward with it. My only gripe is that I wish the sd card that was included was larger, like a 128 or larger.

  110. cw

    We were glad to get a video system that could help us get better game video on a regular basis (shout out to my team parents that chipped in to make this happenn!) Its what we were looking for and very pleased with the purchase.

  111. CW

    Easy to use and set up. The affordability was the thing that caught our eye initially. Hi-rise is the first tower our team has ever purchased. I must say that we did have an issue with a knob but the company replaced it quickly….and we were good to go after that. That is the only bad thing I have to say about tower. The good things that stood out to me, 1. You dont need to be an engineer to set it up. It is easy to do. 2. I like the laminated instruction manual that has pictures. That is a big part of #1 above. 3. The video quality of the games are great. To me, the quality is just as good as the game video we received from video companies that we used to pay to film games.

  112. CW

    The service I received was top notch. She was friendly and knew her stuff! Being a first time buyer of this type of camera, she pointed a lot of things out for me to consider and was able to answer many tech questions to. The high rise itself is just as great. c

  113. CW

    Shipping was delayed on my order by 2 days….still not sure why at this point. It arrived the day of our game so couldnt use it like i wanted. Bummer for us. Other than that its doing the job. Video quality is good. c

  114. CW

    We bought one for our lacrosse club to share across all teams. Our parents pretty much manage the system and I have heard nothing but positive things over all. Getting videos at this angle really helps our coaches train and teach. Now parents get videos of the games and that has been well received too.

  115. CW

    Works pretty well. I would imagine they could do something different with those orange cables.

  116. CW

    I like that it is sturdy and we can use it for practices and games. Good investment for us so far.

  117. CW

    This was our first end zone camera system and it has allowed us to take things to another level. The video quality from it is just what we were looking for. I don’t set it up personally, but I am told it is easy and quick to set up.

  118. CW

    We travel a lot for tournaments so having a camera that is we can easily travel with is important. The hi rise tower has been excellent for us. We get all of the footage we need for coaching and parents are pleased with quality of video for recruiting. It’s a winner!

  119. CW

    Its ok. I would change the tilt cables, weight bags, and sd card. For the tilt cables i would make it a latch, the weight bags make larger and different shape and more sd cards.

  120. CW

    Our hi rise was a great investment for our school since we share it across multiple sports. The first time we set it up it took a little bit of time but after that it was straight forward. The quality everything and the attention to detail is clear.

  121. CW

    A coach in my district recommended it after I saw them using it. Looks good and works good. The only thing I would throw out there to consider is to include a live streaming package and various cameras as an option to purchase with it.

  122. CW

    As a soccer coach, we use ours from the sideline and it has been a game changer for us. It is just what we were hoping it would be. Footage is high quality. Just as important its really well made.

  123. CW

    Before buying our hirise camera i was looking for something that was easy to manage and would allow us to use it for years to come. So far it has been great for us.

  124. CW

    Solid overall and using it is easy. The quality of the entire thing is impressive. I like the height of the tower and that we can stake it in the ground.

  125. CW

    Including multiple sd cards would be helpful. Sand bags could be larger also. Ok

  126. CW

    Good tower. Well built and just what our football team needed. Props to Melissa on the customer service team back at Hi rise camera for her help

  127. CW

    Great quality product. Surprised on how easy it is to travel with it. I have a regular sized car and I am able to easily get it to games and practices.

  128. CW

    Don’t like the level on it.

  129. CW

    This got us the end zone angle view I was looking for. When we first got started using it, there were a few things we had to work through but overall it was not a show stopper. I will say that the customer rep we spoke with (Sara) was very knowledgeable and helpful. The only thing that I will add is that it would be an added benefit if there was an additional monitor battery included so you can swap out. Other than that, its good.

  130. CW

    Being a parent volunteer that films the teams games at home and on the road, I am the primary user of our Hi rise. It is simple to use and set up. The only thing that I will point out is that you must pay attention to using the relief point for the cable. The video quality is good. Coach likes it as well.

  131. CW

    Had one of the parents set up the tower and it looked quick and pretty easy to do. Feedback is good so far.

  132. CW

    I didn’t like the sony camera so tried to switch it with a canon. I figured easy enough of a switch but come to find out the hdmi cable for sony and canon cameras are different. Solved that issue eventually. Then find out that the remote control is for sony cameras only. Had to find a new remote for my canon. Here’s an idea, provide cabling for canons too.

  133. CW

    I am big on how a company treats you after the sale. The product is good and the service after you make the purchase will be just as good. Friendly and quick responses.

  134. CW

    The tower has its pros and cons like the great angle but okay carrying case but the pros outweigh the cons. Pros: sets up pretty quick, good angle, quality parts. Cons: dont like the hard case it is too big, would like extra parts included in case i cant find its always good to have back ups

  135. CW

    its Alright

  136. CW

    Well done. Product is just what they tell you and when we have a question they are there to answer and help out when needed. This was a large purchase for our booster club and everyone is happy with it so far.

  137. CW

    Highly recommend Hi Rise. The angle is right and the video quality is HD.

  138. CW

    Not having to carry weight bags around is awesome. With the other tower we used before, we had to add weights to the bottom which made it a pain to travel with. Using the stakes allows us to easily travel with ours high rise. All around we are satisfied with the purchase.

  139. CW

    Loved the customer service! Very attentive with great response times. More shipping options for it would be a plus.

  140. CW

    Simple. Depends on what you are looking for. Give it 3 stars.

  141. CW

    The tripod and brackets are good. We decided to use a different video camera to put a microphone on our coaches to use during the game. It is easy to use just make sure you set it up correctly the first time and you’ll be set.

  142. CW

    I am a high school lacrosse coach in Southern California. I was in need of my own camera system to film versus paying someone $100 per game to do so. I was sent an email from Hi Rise about re-conditioned units coming in from trade shows. The units were being discounted for already being used. Upon reaching out to Hi Rise, I was connect with Roland Williams. He was extremely helpful through the process and made the purchase very easy, answering all my questions along the way.
    I had a similar HiPod unit that needed new parts and the company completely blew me off and told me they wanted me to bring the unit (two massive roller boxes) ninety minutes north so they could “assess” what product I had. Didn’t want to look at pictures to help save me the drive.
    I will definitely be continuing my business with Hi Rise due to people like Roland Williams. The system was essentially brand new and I was very impressed with all the steps the company took to insure that I was satisfied, and knew how to use it from day one.

  143. CW

    Everything works just like we were hoping. It has helped our coaches, players, and parents get regular video footage. Our parents generally take turns volunteering to work the camera so having something easy to understand and set up is very important. The HiRise is easy to set up and really like the quality. Recommend.

  144. CW

    Tower is built strong and easy to travel with. Set up is usually pretty quick. I would recommend this to any team looking for that top angle view.

  145. CW

    Does everything we need it to do. Happy with it. If you included a few extra batteries and sd cards that would be good.

  146. CW

    you guys should include an additional backpack for customers to haul more stuff. Or, worst case allow the backpack to attach to the long bag. T

  147. CW

    All parts are very high quality. Instructions are very easy to understand, which makes the set up quick. This is important to me because we don’t always have a lot of time to set up and get started.

  148. CW

    We’ve had a few different endzone cameras over the years but the high rise camera is the best by far. I like how easy it is to put together and use. Also, we are now able to take it to away games for film. Its very valuable for me, my staff, and players. Best investment by far. I recommend.

  149. CWc

    Excellent customer support. I have called in with a few questions as has my asst coach. Always very helpful and they know their stuff.

  150. CW

    Called in with a broken battery. It was 2 weeks past the warranty period. Come on, seriously….we’re talking about a few days. It would have been a good customer gesture. Ridiculous

  151. CW

    works good. ever thought about a motorized camera head?

  152. CW

    This has been huge for our team. Easy to use and instructions are easy to follow. The video quality that we get now is a night and day difference of what we were getting before. I would recommend it.

  153. CW

    Does exactly what we need it to do and the video quality is nice. I like how we are able to take it on the road and also use for home games. Definitely getting our money worth. Good buy

  154. CW

    Pretty easy to set up and overall good. We had a carabiner clip break at the beginning but the company sent out a new one quickly. That is the only issue up to this point.

  155. CW

    Its great for our team to now have video like this. a must have for coaching and training some use it for recruiting to. works well. my only suggestion would be to offer a live stream package as an option. for us we have many parents that can’t travel with the team all of the time and it would be great to have.

  156. CW

    Top notch quality parts. Good manual. Easy to use

  157. CW

    Tower is good. Have you guys thought about making the hard case smaller? The hard case could be smaller which would make it easier to travel with in a car. Also, the battery took a few hours to charge. May think about about a quick charge option. just my 2 cents

  158. CW

    The service and support are great. During my first few times setting up I called in with questions. Both reps I spoke with were very friendly and helpful. Even followed up to make sure all was good. This day and age it is great to see a company stand behind their product.

  159. CW

    This is the first one of these for our program. Very pleased with quality. It has been a game changer for our coaches and players. Highly recommend.

  160. CW

    Really like the tower, but it was delayed in transit. overall good product

  161. CW

    It would be great if you could buy the system without the video camera but with everything else. I had 3 of the same cameras already. Everything else ok.

  162. CW

    Good quality and easy to use.

  163. CW

    We just purchased our second one. There you go

  164. CW

    I am a volunteer for the team and it was my first time filming. Go figure…..not a practice but an actual game. Never having done this before I had questions when putting everything together before the game. I called in to get some help. Let me just tell you that the help I received far surpassed my expectations. Jamie was so polite and knowledgeable and great with helpful tips that made the filming so easy. For my first time video debut the video came out great! The only bad thing was that I am now the “video person” for the season 🙂 Great job and keep up the good work.

  165. CW

    our hi rise has been very valuable to our players and coaches. allows us to get that perfect angle for seeing the game and being more effective coaches which has had a positive impact on our player performance. highly recommend

  166. CW

    Overall I like it. Travels pretty easy with the team. This is a minor thing but the battery charging cable is very short. Depending on where you charge your battery you may need a different cable.

  167. chris

    We got the gc model and it has worked good for us. Easy to use and set up. You will need to use the stakes or bags. Must use one or the other, not optional.

  168. chris

    The quality of the tower is top notch. Customer service is very helpful .

  169. CW

    good angle from endzone and sideline. recomendation, provide extra replacement knobs in case one is lost. that would be helpful

  170. Mike G

    Battery didn’t work

  171. Bob Chinn

    We love the camera system and the support is 5 stars! For us we have been able to really focus in on the soccer program and help the players see the game from a view they had not before. We have always had a good ladies soccer program and now we are now ranked #13 in the Nation per USA Today and I give credit to this system for helping us get to that next level. As we have improved at the filming of the matches the quality of our game reviews has gone up. When we hit a few speed bumps with learning the equipment and how to improve the match film we have ALWAYS received 5 Star service! The film has also allowed each player to help develop a highlight film that we use to send to college coaches to help each player reach their dream of playing at the next level! I highly recommend this system for any program looking to get to the next level!

  172. Mike G

    The instructions are easy to follow. The team plays in all types of conditions (rain, wind, etc) and it has worked great every time. This was a big deal for our team to get something like this and the coaches love it and the parents (me included) like the video too.

  173. Mike G

    Well built. Video is good. Does what we need it to do.

  174. Mike G

    This is our first end zone camera and it has been great for us. This angle and video quality was much needed

  175. Mike G

    Set up was pretty fast. Good quality parts.

  176. Mike G

    Highly recommend. Works just like we needed. Team managers like it. Video quality is great.

  177. Mike G

    Customer service is great. They quickly AND POLITELY help with questions and make sure everything is good before the end the call. Also, received a call back later in the game from the representative to make sure we were still ok. You don’t see that too often anymore.

  178. Mike G

    Why are the sd cards so tiny!!!!! Seriously…we dropped it in the grass and could not find it. Had to buy a new one. Change it.

  179. Mike G

    The only issue we had is with the cable. Once the issue was fixed, everything worked well.

  180. Mike G

    Product is easy to use. Customer service is great as well.

  181. Mike G

    This has helped us get the angle we need. Well made. Video quality is really good. My only recommendation is to make an instructional video in spanish too. This would be great for some of the team volunteers

  182. Mike G

    Its ok. The stakes don’t need to be as long and I don’t like the orange cable.

  183. CW

    HiRise camera has been a great additional to our athletic department. Several sports take advantage of the camera and angle which it provides. You are able to stay zoomed out to see two thirds of the field or zoom in to individual players.

    Set up is easy and following the directions provided makes the process easy. After setting it up two to three times, set up takes no more than 10min.

    For the affordability of the product, it has been great and it is highly recommended.

  184. chris

    the height is what we were looking for. good for our teams to have this type of video.

  185. chris

    Everything works like it should. If it could be controlled from the press box I’d give it 5 stars (hint hint).

  186. R. Rose

    I am a varsity coach in a public school “minor” sport of Lacrosse that uses ” grab as you can ” volunteers to support the administration and filming of the games. This camera product has solved the problem of getting great recruiting film without capturing parental commentary detrimental to recruiting process. When the standard tripod and camera is on the on the press box above the stands, the film audio may not be fit for distribution to future collegiate coaches..Setting this up in the end zone or team sideline provides the audio that colleges look coming from the players and not the stands. The hesitancy to purchase a product such as this was the “complexity” and “cost” of this product . With just several sessions , the operation proved very simple and quality of film makes it highly cost effective over the course of the season. It does take takes a little organization and of course it it does not hurt to read the documentation but once you figure out what goes where, it is a simple process with professional results. I am writing this review because after a season of use , the customization of the carrying cases, and an established specific set up and break down routine the filming was automatic. So, I , the coach , took the HI Rise to an off season travel game. to film a game and low and behold , an issue with charging on a Sat afternoon arose . I called support which went to after hours. Within a very short period of time I got a call back resolving the “operator” error from Roland. He followed up with an email. This was the second time where operator error was corrected POST purchase and the remedy in both cases exceeded expectations. Pay for a well designed and good quality product , operate it as designed with technical support to prevent production stoppages , the only thing left to do is GIVE IT 5 STARS.

  187. Matt G

    Outstanding product and even better customer service. Hi-Rise was, and continues to be, first class in all transactions. You won’t find a better value for your money on the market. Thanks again. Go Pirates!

  188. bgray (verified owner)

    I like the simplicity of it. Easy to use.

  189. bgray (verified owner)

    A new way to hold the tilt cables would be good.

  190. bgray (verified owner)

    Arrived quick and put it to use immediately. The set up was good. Easy to use.

  191. bgray (verified owner)

    Great advantage for our team having this. The angle is just what we needed. This is our first one in the program and well worth the investment. I haven’t set it up personally, but coaches tell me its easy to use. The video quality is crystal clear. Huge benefit to our program to have it.

  192. bgray (verified owner)

    The customer support here is top notch. They are polite and friendly. The rep I spoke with even followed up to make sure we were taken care of. Keep up the good work!

  193. bgray (verified owner)

    The tower simple to get started and set up. This thing is made very well. It has helped our team a lot and great for on the road.

  194. bgray (verified owner)

    Works good

  195. bgray (verified owner)

    Had a hipod previously and now got one of these. The set up on this is much quicker and it is higher quality with the parts. The height of both seem to be about the same. This tower is much easier to travel with then my hipod. I do like the handle on my hipod better though. I really like the hi rise system. For the price, it’s a win.

  196. bgray (verified owner)

    Overall it is a solid product. I would recommend a motorized head option in the future and a wireless remote.

  197. bgray (verified owner)

    product is simple and great quality. instruction manual is easy to follow and is plastic covered so it lasts long. i recommend

  198. bgray (verified owner)

    Not a fan of the sand bags. You would think you could include the sand in the bags for your customers!

  199. bgray (verified owner)

    Glad we went with a Hi Rise. Great price and customer service is extremely helpful.

  200. bgray (verified owner)

    I am giving this 4 stars and here’s why…..when our system arrived the monitor screen was cracked. Sent pics and customer service responded quickly. While the replacement monitor got here before our game, the company didn’t overnight it like I feel they should have. So the customer service gets 5 stars but the fact that we had a cracked monitor and they would not over night the new monitor takes it down to 4 stars.

  201. chris

    The customer support and video system are good. After you do it the first time…..the set up time is pretty quick and easy.

  202. chris

    The system is good. Only suggestion is that it would be even better if you provided an extra anchor bag or two just in case one is misplaced. Or, you could sell them individually instead of a 3 pack.

  203. Josh (verified owner)

    Love the product. The Hi-Rise Camera is easy to set up and use. It has helped increase our filming views and angles.
    Great Customer Service! Any questions, concerns, or advice he is eager to help.

  204. CW

    Quality parts. Built well.

  205. CW

    Customer support is first class. As a parent it was my turn to record with this video machine. Never have done it before. Myself and one of the other parents were in charge of set up. Needless to say we ran into a few items and needed help. I will also say that our games are at night. Anyway….we called in and was advised that the office was closed and we would receive a call back from technical support. I thought, YEAH RIGHT WE ARE ON OUR OWN. We received a call back within minutes! Turns out we only made a minor mistake during set up and it was easily fixed. Christy was helpful and friendly. She also called back minutes after we hung up to make sure we were still ok. I told her I would share my experience with others. This day and age you don’t get service too often like that. Well done!

  206. CW

    It’s alright. Lose the orange cables. Make it so you can control with an iphone.

  207. CW

    Love it! Great for our soccer team and the video quality is top notch. We can put it in at the center line and get all of the action. Have traveled on a plane with it but it does good for road travel. I would recommend.

  208. CW

    Good: easy to use, travels well. Bad: no po, larger sd card

  209. CW

    First endzone camera and the shots we get now are great. Great coaching and teaching tool. Happy so far

  210. CW

    Great investment. Has saved us a lot of money. Travels good.

  211. CW

    Received and had a part damaged during shipment. Company replaced it and works good now.

  212. CW

    Customer service is top notch. As the team mgr I am in charge of this system and if I have any questions they have been great about making sure my questions are answered. Very helpful and quick to respond.

  213. CW

    We use ours for home and away games and it works great. Really helps my players and coaches.

  214. chris

    The height is just what we wanted. It would be nice if it came with extra cables.

  215. CW

    Video is good and works well. A larger backpack would be nice

  216. CW

    Easy to use and set up.

  217. CW

    Video quality and size are good. Can fit it in my trunk/backseat.

  218. Elkton

    The camera tower was very affordable for our team. My staff and the parents love having video like this.

  219. mel

    We filmed the game and they easily set it up and took it down in a few minutes. Durable and travels well. Great product.

  220. Bill

    Wish the sd card that came with it held more space. Just went a larger one but a larger one should come with it.

  221. Macy

    Customer service has been on top of everything. As a parent volunterr I have had many questions and they are always quick to respond. On game day, I called in with a question and was able to get an answer immediately AND I received a follow up call to confirm the issue was resolved. Impressive.

  222. Larry

    Good investment for our team. Huge help having the video from this angle. Only thing that I suggest is to get a new clasp for stakes.

  223. Roger

    The tower is good and the video quality is great. Travels well and easy to pack up.

  224. Mitch

    Had a shipping delay in shipping and did not arrive for our game. Arrived for the next tourney game, but of course the big win was the game missed.

  225. chris

    The tower has been great for us. It is sturdy and comes with easy to read instructions and video.

  226. CW

    love the product and customer reps were great to work with. very affordable

  227. CW

    Very portable. Easy to use.

  228. CW

    Gives us the angles we need and does exactly what we need. Good quality parts. Recommend

  229. CW

    Make the backpack bigger

  230. CW

    We forgot a part for our system and we were traveling for a tournament. The high rise camera rep help us find a store near our game that had the part and we were able to purchase it and all was good. That type of service is not something you find very often these days. Our system is good and highly recommend.

  231. CW

    It is easy to use and their customer service is helpful.

  232. CW

    Good product. It would be better if the organizer for the cables was more automated. Other than that its good.

  233. CW

    We like our camera system. Does everything we need.

  234. CW

    This is exactly what we were looking for. Something light weight to travel and strong enough to take every day use.

  235. CW

    the black cable could be easier to attach and use. if you dont use the clasp be prepared for the issue

  236. CW

    Easy to use. Recommend

  237. CW

    The set up is quicker than what I expected. It is very well made.

  238. CW

    I really like how simple it is. Good quality. My only suggestion is to use larger clips for the handles and shield.

  239. CW

    Customer support is friendly and very helpful.

  240. CW

    At my previous school we had a 250 pound tower that was pretty massive. So when this first arrived, I have to admit that I thought looked a little wimpy and wouldn’t be as good compared to it. I was wrong. This thing has been great for us. The construction on it is tough. Even better it travels great too. Now we can get our shots for home and away games. Highly recommend.

  241. Jason Porton

    Every time I have a question or issue, they have been more than helpful. Great customer service, good product.

  242. CW

    Previously, we had a much more expensive end zone camera that had issues and we could not upgrade it. Did some research and purchased the Sky 200. It has a quick set up and easy to use for our volunteer filmers. The video quality of the film is clear and thats important to me. Feedback that I have received from filmers is: easy to follow instructions….video camera battery keeps camera going for many sessions…very well made….easy to travel with.

    The only change feedback they had was for the hard carrying case. If it were a little smaller, it could travel easier.

    All in all, nothing but good things to say.

  243. CW

    It’s always a good thing when you purchase a product from a company with customer service that is top notch. Not only was Brandon (our rep) there to answer questions he also did follow ups to ensure we were good to go. Add this with being knowledgeable about the product and technology, it has been a very positive experience. Great product with great customer service.

  244. CW

    Just what we were looking for. It is quick to set up. I am pleasantly surprised on how easy this thing is to use. I would recommend.

  245. CW

    Adding a motorized head option would be good and seems easy to do. Having both ways to film would provide options based on user preference.

  246. CW

    The tower has strong construction.

  247. CW

    I would recommend changing the shape of the handle bracket for the grip. Could be better Overall, we like the tower and provides great video quality.

  248. Chris Gluse

    The customer service has been great. It is easy to use. Set up is quick. Impressive.

  249. Chris Gluse

    Good tower. I wish the backpack was a little larger to fit more stuff in. recommend.

  250. Chris Gluse

    Being able to transport our tower is a huge plus. Our guys like it and it gives my coaches the shots we need.

  251. Chris Gluse

    Tripod system sets up quick. The video quality has exceeded my expectations. The hard carrying case could be a little smaller. Overall it was a good buy.

  252. Chris Gluse

    The product was awesome! Customer service was the best. Even with the refurbished unit I bought it looked and felt brand new. It is money’s worth and more.

  253. Chris Gluse

    monitor bracket moves with the pole ok. it goes higher than i thought i am not sure about the orange cables but all else is good

  254. Chris Gluse

    Customer service was very helpful and answered all of my questions. Product looks really nice and durable

  255. Chris Gluse

    Putting it together was simple.

  256. Chris Gluse

    Works great for our team. Good angle.

  257. Chris Gluse

    Easy to set up and well constructed. Like it. Hard case is ok.

  258. Chris Gluse

    Great customer service! Very helpful every time we have called in.

  259. Chris Gluse

    Easy to travel with and good quality.

  260. Chris Gluse

    This was recommended to us by another team and it has been a great investment for us.

  261. Chris Gluse

    The strap is too long on the sand bags.

  262. Chris Gluse

    I wish they offered other cameras such as Canon, not just Sony. Everything works good just would be better to offer more options.

  263. Chris Gluse

    When we were first considering it we were a little weary because of the price since it was half the price of most cameras but it has worked out great for us. It was a great find and we are happy with our decision.

  264. Chris Gluse

    The customer support is great. It is well built and easy to use.

  265. Chris Gluse


  266. Chris Gluse

    Our tower has worked out good for our needs. It is portable and very good quality. Good angle and vid quality.

  267. Chris Gluse

    Make a different design for the stress relief for the cable. We had our cable end port break. Seriously wt*

  268. Chris Gluse

    My only suggestion is to make the hard carrying case smaller. If you made the sides a bit slimmer, it would be better for teams that travel locally.

  269. Chris Gluse

    Recently purchased this for our soccer club. It has worked out great. Easy to use. For us travelling was important. It is easy to travel with.

  270. Chris Gluse

    Iihave used a few of the different camera towers. i like it better than the hipod but not as much as the sport scope. for the price it is a good deal.

  271. Chris Gluse

    I film the games for the team and this tower is definitely much better than our last one. In the same breathe, I will say that I also got to work a similar type of endzone cam for a college program and that one was the best I have ever used…..they also paid about $7k for it. For this one though, it is a steal for the price. I like almost everything about it. The only thing that I don’t like is the hard carrying case. It is a bit big. The set up time is pretty quick.

  272. Chris Gluse

    Solid product. motorized head would make it better.

  273. Chris Gluse

    Customer support is top notch. They stayed on the phone with me and my helpers until we had all questions answered. Then, they called us back shortly after to ensure all was back working ok. Impressed

  274. Chris Gluse

    We use it for all sports and it works good. Lightweight and easy to take to away games…which is important for us.

  275. Chris Gluse

    The camera charge and strength of the unit are much better than our previous endzone cam we used. Not sure how i feel about the handle.

  276. Chris Gluse

    The feet with the weights are heavier than 5 pounds…..closer to 7 or 8 pounds each. Makes a difference when travelin

  277. Chris Gluse

    It’s great! Well worth the money. I was a little skeptical at first because of the price. But then read the reviews and figured we would give it shot. Easy to use and get us the film we need.

  278. Chris Gluse

    Easy to use. Good quality. Only suggestion is to provide an easier cable organizer for the electronics

  279. Chris Gluse

    As far as endzone cameras go, I wish it was heavier.

  280. Chris Gluse

    For our team, the portability of this unit was a key factor for our purchase. We need to record on the road. I have a 4 door car and I can let the back seat down and the entire unit fits in the trunk. Just what we needed to record home and away games.

  281. Chris Gluse

    My only knock on this system is the size of the viewing monitor. It is 7 inches. It would be great if it were larger…..say 10-12 inches. Our filming parent thinks its just fine as it is, but that would be my only suggestion. Other than that this unit is solid.

  282. Chris Gluse

    Good quality for the price. Strong.

  283. Chris Gluse

    The tower is well worth the money. It’s a great deal. But, I am not a fan of the hard carrying case. It is a bit too bulky.

  284. Chris Gluse

    The monitor was broken when the unit arrived….the day before my game. Called the company and they would not over night a new monitor. They would only send it ground shipping. We missed recording that game. Not happy.

  285. Chris Gluse

    My only suggestion is to make the camera shield waterproof and make the camera enclosed in the shield. Other than that, every thing else is just as advertised. Easy set up, light enough to travel. It’s surprisingly strong and durable.

  286. Chris Gluse

    The customer service is top notch. We had a new volunteer setting up the tower and he ran into an issue during the game. He called the support number on a Friday night and spoke with a tech support rep that helped him fix the issue immediately. I have also spoken with a rep with a tech question and she was great.

  287. Chris Gluse

    The sd card could be larger. Come on!

  288. Chris Gluse

    Well worth the money spent.

  289. Chris Gluse

    Battery power is good and long lasting. Travels well. I just wish that the hard case was included in the price.

  290. Chris Gluse

    Good product. High quality parts and easy to put together

  291. Chris Gluse

    It’s been great for us. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical with the price being much lower than other camera towers. That said, it surpassed all of our expectations. Highly recommend.

  292. Chris Gluse

    Great product and exactly what we needed. Also lightweight so we are now able to record on the road. Customer support has been good too.

  293. Chris Gluse

    Pretty good.

  294. Chris Gluse

    This camera tower has been great. Easy to use. The instruction manual is simple and easy to follow. This is much easier to assemble than the other tower we had. Customer support rep has been very helpful and good to work with.

  295. Chris Gluse

    Like the unit. Works good. The battery pack was confusing at first, but we got it now.

  296. Chris Gluse

    We set up the tower for the first time right when we received it. Admittedly, the kid filming forgot to attach the HDMI clamp to the stress relief area on the shield and the end of the cable broke. We called Hi Rise and they advised us that the damage was not under warranty.

  297. Chris Gluse

    Really good video quality. I like the ability to stake the tripod into the ground.

  298. Chris Gluse

    Weighted tripod feet are VERY heavy….probably 10 pounds each. So it adds more weight to the base. If you don’t need them, remove them from the bag. I just lugged the entire unit to the game and back….it’s heavy. If you use the lighter feet, it is sooooo much lighter.

  299. Chris Gluse

    The product is solid. I wanted to leave a quick note about the customer support. We had an issue with not being able to see the video on our streaming device and monitor. So we called customer support for their help. The rep stayed on the phone with us to resolve the issue (which was the streaming device, not the monitor by the way) and was doing internet searches to see what information was available on the streaming device since we were at the field and did not have access to the web. Then the next day, he called to make sure all was good. You don’t get support like that with many products any more. very helpful.

  300. Chris Gluse

    Would have given it 5 stars, but ran into a small issue. When the camera arrived, the box and a part was damaged. It took the company a few days to get us a new part……instead of shipping it overnight. That is my only complaint. Other than that, all is good now. I just think they should have sent the part overnight to us.

  301. Chris Gluse

    Just got it in and used it for a few games. Great video and easy set up.

  302. Chris Gluse

    This is what we were hoping it would be. I was a bit skeptical at first because of the pricing. Other units we were considering buying were 2-3 times more expensive. But let me tell you, the quality is great. This is our first endzone camera and it is a game changer.

  303. Chris Gluse

    Good customer support and friendly staff. I like the anchoring mechanism for the tripod. Overall simple to use.

  304. Chris Gluse

    This is a well built product and travels well. I have a 4 door Nissan and it fits in my trunk when I let the back seats down. Perfect for us. I recommend it.

  305. Chris Gluse

    Had my unit for a few weeks now. Overall, it is good. It is sturdy and made with good quality parts. It is also simple to set up. But, there are a few things that I would like to see different. If the backpack was a bit bigger, that would be very useful to allow me pack other items that I need for the game. They only provide you with an 8GB micro sd card for recording. You can purchase a larger size micro sd card to record more footage….I would have liked to receive a larger micro sd card with my purchase. The cards are inexpensive, but again, it would have been more convenient to have it with my purchase.

  306. Chris Gluse

    The customer support has been great. The instruction manual is very easy to follow. The video quality has been great even in windy conditions. With our previous unit we would see swaying in the video. We have not seen any swaying with the video filmed with our unit.

  307. Chris Gluse

    The price is good. I like the angle and viewpoint. It allows us to more effectively prepare and plan.

  308. Chris Gluse

    Video quality is good.

  309. Chris Gluse

    Extra stakes would be a good idea to include in case one is lost! WTH!

  310. Chris Gluse

    Works great with our sideline streaming equipment. Very affordable. So far it is much better than the previous tower we purchased from a different company that was over $6k.

  311. Chris Gluse

    Video quality is great. Set up is easy.

  312. Chris Gluse

    It works good. I wish the camera came with a larger micro sd card… only came with an 8GB card. We purchased a larger card, so no big issue. Overall, very satisfied

  313. Chris Gluse

    My team parent was at the field and had a problem getting the unit up. It was a Saturday evening game. They called customer support and was able to get the issue resolved and recorded the entire game (found out it was operator error). The video from this game was critical for us to have. I wanted to give a quick thank you to the Hi Rise rep for helping us resolve our issue…..also with it being a saturday evening.

  314. Chris Gluse

    I like just about everything with this camera rig. My only suggestion is creating an option for coaches to add another camera at the top of the unit. This will allow two different views for my coaches.

  315. Chris Gluse

    I wish it came with a larger memory card.

  316. Chris Gluse

    Just got it and took it for a spin. Works just like video we saw. Recommend.

  317. Chris Gluse

    Good product.

  318. Chris Gluse

    Recently upgraded to the new remote and cable. It is WAY better than the one that we had at first. It lights up when recording and is a night and day difference.

  319. Chris Gluse

    Love the simplicity of the unit. Easy to use.

  320. Chris Gluse

    You know what would be a good idea is if you put the electronic cable inside of the pole.

  321. Chris Gluse

    Recently purchased this tower and it has benefited us greatly. Easy to follow instructions and set up is pretty quick. Our volunteers that film say that it is much easier to use than our last unit. The video quality is of this camera is very good.

  322. Chris Gluse

    Works well for us. If you come out with a tower that has 2 cams for a TW angle…I’ll up this to 5 stars!

  323. Chris Gluse

    Solid product. I wish the hard case was a bit smaller.

  324. Chris Gluse

    Just got it and used it a few times. I like the simplicity of the unit. The quality of the parts is very well done. I also like that the electronics are minimal…..low maintenance.

  325. Chris Gluse

    I have used a few camera towers in my day. This is by far, the easiest and best quality for the price. It’s affordable and user friendly. When asked, I have recommended it to other programs in our area.

  326. Chris Gluse

    The product is good. My only issue is that I am unable to figure out how to get the full game in one video file instead of it being broken up into 3 or 4 clips. I have reached out to customer support for more information. Once this item is resolved, I will come back and change the review to 5 stars.

  327. Chris Gluse

    Works like a charm. Video quality is great and it’s not too big and bulky so it travels well too.

  328. Chris Gluse

    I would prefer a canon camera. Canon’s are much better quality compared to Sony. Just my 2 cents.

  329. Chris Gluse

    I volunteer with our program to help film the games. We had an issue in the evening with the set up of the unit. I called the company friday night and I actually was able to speak with a customer service rep that helped us resolve the issue. This day and age, it is not very common to receive this type of support. We were able to record our game and all was well. I really appreciate the Hi Rise team for going the extra mile and providing great customer service.

  330. Chris Gluse

    I like the strength and durability of this product. With our last endzone camera, it was not made well. In addition to the good quality, this product was very affordable (and much less than our previous camera. I recommend it.

  331. Chris Gluse

    Good stuff.

  332. Chris Gluse

    Set it up in really windy conditions last week. The winds were probably 30 mph. Unit was staked in the ground and was solid as rock. On the video, you couldn’t even tell that we were filming in wind.

  333. Chris Gluse

    We had a unit before with a different vendor and our freshmen managers could not set it up. With this unit, our managers were able to set it up with ease. Great manual and support info.

  334. Chris Gluse

    This was a great find by our booster club! It’s a good match from the product to the price.

  335. Chris Gluse

    The video camera, Sony 405 cuts your video into shorter clips automatically. Not a fan of this. For sports like basketball, it is a bit frustrating. Other sports at our school don’t find this as an issue, but I am not a fan of it. Everything else is simple.

  336. Chris Gluse

    Good product. Good customer support.

  337. Chris Gluse

    Highly recommend!

  338. Chris Gluse

    Overall, this tower has been good. I like the portability of the system. I wish the battery charger had more clear instructions on how to use it while charging it in your car. I figured it out, but it would have saved me time with better instructions.

  339. Chris Gluse

    The hard case is not easy to close using the pin holes. They should make that easier to use.

  340. Chris Gluse

    Just what we were looking for. Travels well and easy to set up.

  341. Chris Gluse

    Works good. Just wish the unit could be left outside overnight or anchored into the ground permanently.

  342. Chris Gluse

    The instructions are very clear. We have students set up our unit and they don’t have a problem with it. The video quality is crystal clear and the price is right.

  343. Chris Gluse

    Easy to set up and all parts are high quality. All of my coaches have been impressed.

  344. Chris Gluse

    It’s great that the unit has the option to be staked into the ground, but it takes too long.

  345. Chris Gluse

    The only thing that I don’t like is the fact that the sony camera automatically divides the video into 2GB segments. It’s not a big deal because we can easily merge them back together. Just a little inconvenient. To get 5 stars, this needs to be an option that can be chosen by the customer for full video or segments.

  346. Chris Gluse

    It works well. Good value.

  347. Chris Gluse

    I definitely recommend.

  348. Chris Gluse

    Ours is good and easy to use.

  349. Chris Gluse

    Good value and works.

  350. Chris Gluse

    I am not a fan of the tripod leveling.

  351. Chris Gluse

    Highly recommended. Simple. Easy set up. Good support.

  352. Chris Gluse

    The only thing that we had an issue with was the electronic cable blew around when it was windy. Got a few velcro straps and problem solved. Called customer support and it looks like they did not include the velcro straps by mistake with our order. They are sending it to us at no additional cost. Other than that, the unit is good.

  353. Chris Gluse

    Great customer support. We had questions about the set up for our volunteers and the support rep set up a skype mobile call to do a virtual demo.

  354. Chris Gluse

    Good quality. Gets the job done.

  355. Chris Gluse

    Just received our unit and used it last week. Easy to set up and got compliments on the look of it. The only thing that went wrong was the micro sd card was full really quick. However, I think that may be an error on our end with the setting. Overall, very impressed thus far

  356. Chris Gluse

    We use our unit to travel to tournaments and we have been pleasantly surprised. When we first saw it online I was skeptical because of the price…..but once it arrived, I could immediately tell this was a high quality product. Is it a 5 minute set up like our other system….No. But it was approx $2k compared to $5k. Plan on spending about 15 minutes to set it up. It is a good find.

  357. Roland Williams

    Great endzone camera. The price was right too. I recommend it.

  358. Chris Gluse

    Great product and customer support.

  359. Chris Gluse

    If the base was heavier, it would be better. I don’t always have time to anchor it to the ground and not always with weights for the bags.

  360. Chris Gluse

    Ok, here we go. I am the team manager of a team that purchased the unit. We purchased the 2016 model last year. Honestly, if I reviewed it at that time, I would have given it 3 stars, but now I give it 5 stars. Keep reading below and you will see why. With the original unit we purchased in 2016…..I personally didn’t like that pole and how it functioned. I also didn’t like the way that the remote control worked either. Then, our team decided to upgrade the pole and the remote control. It made a HUGE difference for the BETTER. We have upgraded our unit so that we now have the Sky 200GC unit that is imaged above. It is a great unit and perfect balance of being lightweight to travel and also very durable. The set up time is much quicker that it was previously. We also got the new tripod and it sets up in seconds (much better than the previous tripod). I highly recommend.

  361. Chris Gluse

    good price. good quality product.

  362. Chris Gluse

    We use it for all of sports teams. It is light and can travel. The camera shoots GREAT quality. My basketball coach mentioned that the camera has a mode that creates segmented clips automatically, so make sure you are filming in the correct mode.

  363. Chris Gluse

    We’ve had a good experience with it. For the price, it is a great value. It does take a little bit longer to set up than my other end zone camera (my other camera took 5 minutes to set up, but it was $5k). For the cost savings, it is worth the trade off.

  364. Chris Gluse

    We will be ordering another one!

  365. Chris Gluse

    The only complaint is that Sony camera automatically segments video every 3 or 4GB into individual files. For our soccer games, that means the game may be in 3 segments. You can merge into 1 file with the Sony computer software that is free, but it is just an extra step that I don’t want to have to do.

  366. Chris Gluse

    Customer service has been great. Very friendly and responsive. This is just what we needed!

  367. Chris Gluse

    I don’t like the circle level on the tripod. Everything else is solid.

  368. Chris Gluse

    Just received our unit. Impressive. Great quality. Can’t wait to set it up. So far, so good. Customer service has been good too.

  369. Chris Gluse

    Works good. The only thing that I would change are the tilt cables. If you don’t pay attention, they can be a little tough to set up. Other than that, it’s all good.

  370. Chris Gluse

    Great instruction videos. Also have a laminated instruction manual that comes with it. Easy to set up. We like it.

  371. Chris Gluse

    Wish the handle went straight out.

  372. Chris Gluse

    The customer service and support is great. When we had a question, we were able to speak to a company rep quickly. They are knowledgeable and friendly. Two thumbs up.

  373. Chris Gluse

    The quality is great and it’s simple to set up.

  374. Chris Gluse

    Good product at a good price.

  375. Chris Gluse

    Exactly what we were looking for. Simple and easy to set up.

  376. Brandon W.

    It’s our first video camera tower purchase and we use it for practices and games. The video quality is great and glad we purchased it.

  377. Brandon W.

    I like that the unit is lightweight and can travel with the team. It’s not as quick to set up as our sidewinder, but it’s a good camera tower.

  378. Brandon W.

    I am the parent volunteer that films the games. After I learned how to set up the system and took it down a few times, I got the flow down. Then, we had a game when it rained. The unit does not come with rain protective gear. Our coach called the company and they advised that their rain gear will come out this Spring, but it is not available yet. So we don’t film in rainy weather…..which is not good for us. Once they offer rain gear, I’ll give them a better rating.

  379. Brandon W.

    Good product.

  380. Brandon W.

    Works great for our team.

  381. Brandon W.

    The instructions and videos are good and make it easy to set up. The remote lights up, which makes it easy to know when you are recording.

  382. Brandon W.

    I wish the hard carrying case was smaller. It would make it easier to transport.

  383. Brandon W.

    Good quality video. I would recommend.

  384. Brandon W.

    Good product. I would recommend.

  385. Brandon W.

    It’s great for us. The price was right and high quality.

  386. Brandon W.

    We had a few issues at first when we received our unit. Our sales rep took complete care of us and got all issues resolved asap. Great customer service! Then, we used the unit for the first time. Let me tell you the quality of the parts are awesome. For the price, we were prepared to get a unit that was a bit lower…..but this stuff is heavy duty! Now, the only downside is that it takes about 15 minutes to set up. It is easy to do. Once you set up the base, it is straightforward.

  387. Mayweather F.

    The camera quality and zoom on this thing is crazy! We love it.

  388. Mayweather F.

    Really like it. We travel with our unit. Good for home and away games.

  389. Coach Craig

    This is a great unit….especially for the price! We had a different brand end zone camera previously and we paid more than twice as much what we paid for this one. This unit that we have now works much better and everything very high quality. I would highly recommend.

  390. Rodman L.

    Make sure to read the instructions before putting it together….seriously.

  391. Rodman L.

    Don’t like the sand bags. However, the stakes make this unit really sturdy and secure. Sand bags could be better quality as well.

  392. Rodman L.

    Great video quality and like the unit. Wish the sand bags were larger. Overall, very satisfied.

  393. Mike J

    It’s a great unit and the customer support is First Class.

  394. Mike J

    I don’t like the orange cables. They get tangled.

  395. Mike J

    This is our first end zone camera and it has been great for us. Previously, we were not able to afford any type of camera unit. This has really changed the game for us from a player evaluation and strategy perspective.

  396. Steve AB

    It takes watching the video a few times to make sure you put it together correctly. But other than that, it’s good.

  397. Craig E.

    When I first was shopping for a camera for our program, the price of the product caught my eye. Since it was thousands of dollars less than the other cameras I had looked at, I was very skeptical to say the least. After talking to the sales rep (and a few references), I went ahead and bought it. Man, let me tell you this thing has been great for us. High quality product and great customer support. I’ve even referred other coaches I know.

  398. Steve Suttmiller

    Our New Hi Rise End zone Camera has really enhanced our ability to focus on ourselves as well as opponents systems of executing an Offensive and Defensive Strategy and Philosophy.

  399. Chrissy M.

    It would be great if the tripod strap was attached to the tripod. Too easy to lose.

  400. Hank Leung

    Very cost effective, easy to work with, well designed and works well. When combined with Video Champ, gives my team(s) all they could ask for.

    Added bonus. The customer support is first class.

  401. Adam Hall

    I’m amazed at the quality and portability of this product at this price point. This group is really onto something!!!!!!!

  402. Randy S.

    Just ok

  403. Randy S.

    The best camera I have experienced in my 20 years of coaching. Fantastic quality, durable, lightweight and easy to tote and set up. Great product at a great price!

  404. Ron W

    The product is just what I was hoping it would be and is absolutely perfect for our low budget community college athletics program. I am able to use this camera system to live stream our games online, save it for game film, and then use the film as a way to make recruiting videos for our athletes to get recruited by 4-year schools.
    For any athletics department without a press box, this camera is a must-buy.

  405. Ann Chavez

    This unit has been great for us! Just what we were looking for.

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