Endzone Camera Telescopic Pole Clamp

The Telescopic Pole for My End Zone Camera: Does the Material Make A Difference?

A significant difference between competitors in the endzone camera space is the material used in the construction of the telescoping poles.

It may not seem like an important distinction to make, but the truth is it can dramatically affect the useful working life of the equipment before replacements are needed. Also, the quality of the video footage you can capture may be impacted by the material used in the construction of the telescoping pole.

Hipod and other end zone camera system manufacturers use aluminum poles in their systems, while Hi Rise Camera uses industrial carbon fiber.

So why does it matter which material is used? Here’s why Hi Rise Camera uses industrial carbon fiber, and why we believe it is the superior choice for creating telescopic poles for end zone camera systems.

Carbon Fiber is Lighter and Stronger

When it comes to strength to weight ratios, carbon fiber has aluminum beat hands down, and strength is an important consideration for video camera towers. The material needs to be strong enough to keep a camera stable when its elevated to 21 feet, and it also needs to be lightweight enough to ensure the system is portable. Hi Rise Camera telescopic poles ensure you capture stable footage for the entire game while also being lightweight enough to pack and carry to anywhere you may need an endzone camera.

Aluminum Camera Poles are Susceptible to Vibration

Aluminum can vibrate for an extended period after a sudden gust of wind or when getting knocked. If you are capturing footage during this time, the image will be blurred.

Carbon Fiber is Stronger

Pound for pound, carbon fibers possesses more strength than aluminum. A carbon fiber telescoping pole will, therefore, be a lot stronger than an aluminum pole of equivalent height.

It’s carbon fiber’s inherent strength, light weight, and flexibility which led Hi Rise Camera to make it their material of choice when creating their endzone camera system.

When you invest in an end zone camera system, you want to be sure that your investment is going to last. Purchasing a system which uses carbon fiber will ensure you have a lightweight, portable system that is strong enough to stand the test of time and will always capture high-quality footage in all types of conditions.