End zone camera decisions: Manual control vs motorized head

If you are interested in getting an end zone camera for your team, it could be a wise decision to choose a product that will be fit your needs in terms of travel style, sport type, desired weight/height, and set up time.

A Hi Rise Camera delivers the ultimate solution for capturing high angle aerial video footage for all sports. You can capture footage just like the pros do, and with a system that sets up in minutes.

Whether you’re capturing a volleyball match or filming a football game, you need to decide which type of control that you want for your camera system. Manual control endzone camera vs Motorized endzone camera…..that’s the question! Here’s some food for thought as you can make a decision for your end zone camera:

Motorized Head

A motorized head could be one of the smoothest ways that you can capture the action at any sporting event. However, most all motorized control heads in the market were not made to capture the fast action of sports. Many were made for photographers (specifically still photos not video) to capture non-moving objects. The downside for sports is that the motorized head speed is not fast enough to keep up with the back-and-forth action of most sports.

Another factor for consideration is that the warranty for a motorized head has been a concern for many as well. Most motorized heads include a 90-day or 120-day warranty only. This is very important to confirm prior to purchasing.

Manual Head

A manual head design is a much more user-friendly design with less maintenance and enables users of all sports to capture the back-and-forth action. Users are able to keep up with the action of fast paced games, practices and events. Hi Rise Camera end zone camera systems come standard with the top of the line manual head, which provides a great customer experience. Users are able to quickly and smoothly pan & tilt left/right/up/down. For the construction, with the manual head from Hi Rise Camera being constructed from aircraft grade aluminum, which provide maximum strength and durability.

Hi Rise Camera’s approach to video tower systems is to make top quality products at an affordable price. With the manual head option from Hi Rise Camera, it is a great purchase for any parent, team, school, or club.