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Top 3 Ways to Recruit Volunteers to be your End Zone Camera Videographer

While getting volunteers for any project could be a bit difficult, recruiting them to be your end zone camera videographer can be an easier task than you may think. First off, the simplicity of the end zone video system you use matters. Next, the set up time and support matter as well. Hi Rise Camera is a great option when considering these aspects. Here are 3 of the most effective ways to get volunteers to shoot your end zone camera footage. 

Ease of Operation

Many people shy away from volunteering because they think the task might be difficult. However, with Hi Rise Camera, you can get anyone to operate it since its very easy to use. Before the game/practice, let your volunteers check out the system, instruction manual, and try setting up the end zone camera as a test-run to see how easy it is to use. That will give them familiarity and confidence needed. 

Make It Beneficial

Some of the volunteers on your list may turn out to be students…and may have an interest in vlogging, videography, or social media filming. Advising them that this is a great introduction to using professional video equipment and gaining valuable experience may peak their interest. You can also get parents to jump in and participate. Most parents want to do their part to help the team as much as possible. This can be their ‘give back’ to the team. A creative way to get parents involved is to have a raffle with the parents names and draw names for the weeks you need volunteers. If their name is drawn, then that parent is assigned to a game/practice where you need an end zone camera filmer. You can also incentivize parents by giving volunteers free team swag (for example: like a team branded t-shirt, etc). 

Highlight The Importance

Game film is a critical component of training, education, coaching, and even recruiting. This means that the footage from the end zone camera plays an important role for coaches, players, parents and fans. For the coaches, they are able to use the video during film session with the team for training and education. They are also able to use that footage as a coaching staff to better understand team strengths, weaknesses, and coach development. Players and parents are able to use the game film for college recruiting, sharing with family/friends, and social media posts. As you can see, video footage plays a major role in the overall success of the team. 

While getting volunteers can be a bit tricky, keep in mind that everyone loves a winner, and furthermore, everyone wants to be part of a winning team. When looking for volunteers, be sure to let them know (and show them) that they are part of the team and how their efforts will help the team. Wen recruiting volunteers just remember these 3 points from above: Simplicity, Benefits, and Importance. Once you’ve got your volunteer, your Hi Rise Camera will take care of the rest.