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The Top 3 Benefits of Getting a Portable End Zone Camera System

Portable end zone camera systems (also known as:  sideline video towers or soccer cameras) have revolutionized sports video recording in many ways. Designed to capture high-angle live action, these towers are game-changers—literally! With an end zone camera system or sideline video tower, sports teams can capture high-angle video footage for the purpose of analysis after games. Being able to capture high-quality footage for games and practices allow coaches to identify players’ strengths and weaknesses. If you’ve ever recorded a sporting event with your handheld device, you’ll probably know that capturing high-quality footage is almost impossible, especially if you’re cheering your team while recording at the same time. A sideline video tower eliminates those challenges by allowing users to capture footage from high vantage points.

The key factor most people consider when choosing an end zone camera system or sideline video tower is the portability. This is why it is a common sight at tournaments, games, and practices. The following are the top three benefits of getting a portable end zone camera system and/or sideline video tower.

Multi-sport use

A portable end zone camera can be used for many different sports, including indoor sports and outdoor sports. If it is bulky, it may not be feasible to use it in a gym for sports such as volleyball or basketball. If it is too heavy, it is not easy to transport it to the field for sports like football, soccer, or lacrosse, to name a few. With a lightweight portable end zone camera, like Hi Rise Camera, it provides the best of both worlds. Hi Rise Cameras are easy to assemble, less than 50 pounds so it is easy to transport, and is made with aircraft-grade aluminium so it is built to last.  

Faster setup during games

The simplicity of a portable end zone camera system and sideline video tower is a very important feature for your volunteers and filmers. If your end zone camera is difficult to set up, you could miss part of the game due to the tower not being set up. Even worst, you may have a hard time finding volunteers to film because no one wants to handle the difficult tower.

Regardless of what you call it: portable end zone camera, portable soccer camera, or portable sideline video tower, when properly used the benefits are great to teams, coaches, and players.  If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line portable end zone camera system, portable sideline video tower, or portable soccer camera, look no further than Hi Rise Camera.