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Video Editing, Analysis, and Recruiting – Know Your Options

If you have been looking at the various options for sports video editing, analysis and for creating recruitment videos, you will no doubt have come across the top three sports coaching video software packages, which are VideoChamp Sports, Hudl and Krossover. While Hudl may possibly be the best known of the video coaching software applications, all three have their individual merits and they can all be used effectively with video footage taken from endzone camera systems like the HiRise Camera video tower system. If you are trying to make a decision between VideoChamp Sports, Hudl and Krossover, here are some of the main features of cloud based sports video solutions that you should be looking at.

Video highlights, editing and analysis

For many people, ease of use is one of the key decision criteria when choosing a sports video solution, so look at how easy it is to tag, edit and clip videos with each system. Ideally, you should be able to add video effects, text annotations and music in just a few simple steps and create professional looking videos that you will be able to use for highlight videos. Look too at how easily you will be able to carry out game analysis. Can you add coaching points, verbal and written, in a matter of seconds, for example?

Coach and player profiles

Coach and player profiles should be a standard part of the package, so make sure that you can add both to the system that you choose. Whether you choose VideoChamp Sports, Hudl or Krossover to use with your HiRise Camera system, player profiles will help with player training and development and, of course, with recruitment. Another nice feature to look out for is the ability to place sponsorship ads within the profiles, which is a feature that could help attract new sponsors for the team.

Built in address book and directory of college coaches

A built in address book and a directory of college coaches will help you with group communication and automate the process of sharing videos of games and practices to coaches, players and parents. Look at how easy it will be to create contact groups and make sure that sending videos is nothing more complicated than a simple one-click operation.

Video sharing

When you are looking at the video sharing facilities of systems like VideoChamp Sports, Hudl and Krossover, simplicity is the key. Can recipients view video footage instantly, without having to log onto the system first? Can the videos be viewed on any type of device, including mobile devices? Do recipients need to download some software before they can view a video?

Video playback features

Video playback should be simple and easy to use. To be able to effectively evaluate video footage you will need to be able to watch the footage in HD or SD, rewind, fast forward, watch in slow motion and you will need to be able to zoom in and out.

Easy game film exchange

Exchanging game video should be easy as well, and there should be no need for the other team to have VideoChamp Sports, Hudl or Krossover accounts to do it. If you don’t need to be a user of any particular system to be able to trade video, you will never have a problem obtaining and reviewing other team’s footage before a game.

Time and date stamped notifications

Another very useful feature to look for is real-time notifications when players, coaches or anyone else you have sent a video to watch that footage. That can be particularly useful for coaches and for players and parents when a college coach watches a player’s highlights video

Video editing, analysis, and recruiting systems like VideoChamp Sports, Hudl and Krossover are great tools to use with video footage taken from endzone cameras like the HiRise Camera video tower system, but some of the systems are overly complicated and quite difficult to use. So, when you are looking at cloud based video technology for your team, look at the important features, but don’t forget that managing and editing sports video footage should also be easy to do and cost effective as well.